Live in Edinburgh This Week – 18th November 2013

ToadGig2013 11 digiflyer

Well once again, as you can see, the emphasis this week is going to be on shilling my own events at the expense of most other things. Don’t worry though, I’ll be giving it a bit of a rest with the gigs in the new year, so this kind of relentless harassment should subside a little bit.

However, before then, we still have two Song, by Toad Records Christmas Parties – one in London and one in Edinburgh – two house gigs and of course this week’s shows with Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside (listen to her latest album here). We’re at the Glad Café in Glasgow on Tuesday 19th, which just happens to be my birthday, and then in Edinburgh at the Wee Red Bar on Wednesday night. Both nights will feature support from Zed Penguin, and the Glasgow show will also include Royal Edinburgh Music.

So other than Toad stuff what else do we have for the avid music fan knocking around Edinburgh this week? Well the Electric Circus are hosting the NME Radar Tour on Tuesday night, and although I would normally snort contemptuously at pretty much anything on the NME’s comically mis-calibrated radar, it just so happens that the tunes I’ve heard (admittedly quite a while ago) from Cerebral Ballzy were actually pretty good, so that might well be worth investigating.

Also on Tuesday (well it is my birthday after all – even though I’ll be in Glasgow) we have the awesome Low at the Queen’s Hall, which is amazing news. For those of you not in Glasgow. Like me. Huzzah.

Later in the week, Shellac are at the Liquid Room on Friday 22nd and the Electric Circus also have Bell X1 on Sunday night, who I have to confess I haven’t thought twice about since buying one of their albums back in about 2004. It was a pretty good album though, if I remember correctly, so if you’re at a loose end on Sunday it might well be worth a bash.

And that, I think, seems to be about it. Except it never is, because I always manage to miss something, but for now it looks like that’s it . Promise.