Live in Edinburgh This Week – 1st June 2008

Edinburgh in the Mist

Another week, another entirely biased list of the best gigs in town.  I’m spending a few days out of the country at the end of the week, so I will leave you in the hands of Campfires & Battlefields, potentially assisted by Mrs. Toad, but that rather depends.

I won’t be going to any gigs at all this week, but rather than leave you with an empty page, here’s a quick run down of some bits and bobs.

Monday 2nd June 2008: Johnny Foreigner at Cabaret Voltaire.
The frenzied buzz surrounding this band baffles me somewhat.  I’ve never really heard anything all that special in the recordings that I’ve heard, but when they played last they were lauded to within an inch of their lives by my pal Billy, so I am a bit gutted on missing them yet again and not being able to decide for myself.  At the very least this should be attended though, because with all this smoke there must be a flame in there somewhere.
Johnny Foreigner – Our Bipolar Friends

Wednesday 4th June 2008: The Wee Rogue & Randan Discotheque & Gand-eye at the Wee Red Bar.
I remember seeing the Wee Rogue (then just Jamie if I remember) playing his first solo gig in Edinburgh.  He seemed so shy and played so slowly that there were times you wondered if it had all become too much for him and he’s just given up.  Oddly enough though, I remember being pretty impressed with his songs, so I’d like to see him again.  I won’t be in the country for this one, but you should go if you get the chance.
The Wee Rogue – Into the Mist

And amazingly, that appears to be about it for this week.  Looks like I picked a good week to go away.