Live in Edinburgh This Week – 1st November 2010

Here we are once more, another week closer to the darkest day of the year, which will be upon us scarily soon. Actually, it’s not the darkest day at all, is it, just the shortest one.  But I think you’ll agree that darkest sounds better.

The week just gone has seen the collapse of the Edinburgh Settlement, a charity which had existed for over a hundred years.  They seemed to hold a rather irresponsibly large number of expensive mortgages, which I can only guess played a significant role in their collapse, and indeed The Forest Cafe, Bristo Hall, The GRV and The Roxy Art House had been on the market for quite a while before the charity finally felt the chop late last week.

That’s all just me speculating of course, so don’t take it too seriously, but at the very least, carrying a lot of debt would not have helped at all as things became progressively tighter towards the end.

More to the point, Edinburgh is now down three venues, and we didn’t really have enough to begin with.  One very important point made in Drowned in Sound’s recent Glasgow love-a-thon was that we suffer very much for a lack of good venues over on this side of the M8.  We’re also pretty bloody short of active promoters at the moment, and this is just going to make it worse, leaving just one or two people to be responsible for the entire musical life of the city, which is really no good at all.

So good luck to all the now unemployed staff, and as for the rest of us (myself included): time to get things happening again please, because otherwise we’re going to end up with no bands at all putting Edinburgh on their tour itinerary.

Tuesday 2nd November 2010: Happy Birthday, Mitchell Museum & Morris Major at Sneaky Pete’s.

This will be straightforward, boisterous, bouncy indie pop from start to finish.  If you can’t have fun at this gig, I am tempted to suggest that you can’t have fun at all.

Mitchell Museum – Take the Tongue Out

Tuesday 2nd November 2010: Michelle Shocked at the Queen’s Hall.

Michelle Shocked? I hear you ask.  Yes, Michelle Shocked.  She’s possibly gone a bit gospelly, rocky, souly recently – just look at the rather worrying blurb on the QH page – but in her early, acoustic days she wrote some truly wonderful songs.  So approach this with a little caution, but it could be really good.

Michelle Shocked – The L&N Don’t Stop Here Anymore

Thursday 4th November 2010: Born to Be Wide: Playing Away at the Electric Circus.

The B2BW team bring us more practical tips and advice from the experts in the field.  After briefly shoehorning my way into the back of their A&R one last month, before remembering that I am not in a band and hence have no interest in getting signed and promptly fucking off to the pub instead, I am thinking that this one will be a little quieter and, from my perspective at least, a lot more directly relevant.  It’s about booking tours and getting gigs in faraway places.  Skills it would greatly improve our label to have at our disposal.

Thursday 4th November 2010: The Last Battle, The Scottish Enlightenment & Very Well at the Wee Red Bar.

Two bands you already know fine well I like, with the Scottish Enlightenment mere weeks away from their debut album launch.  A debut album which is, in case you were wondering, very very good indeed.  Very Well, though.  Anyone know anything about them?

The Scottish Enlightenment – The First Will Be Last