Live in Edinburgh This Week – 20th April 2008


This week the Edinburgh gig scene gathers pace slowly, but by the end of the week it’s going great guns, culminating in a weekend of Triptych splendour that will be the last of its kind. I think there’s pretty much bugger all going on today and tomorrow, but Wednesday is busy and it just gets better after that.

This week also represents the last ever Triptych Festival, which used to so splendidly showcase experimental and interesting music around Scotland. I didn’t like a lot of what they put on, but occasionally they came up with some gems, and this last one is no different, with the gorgeous Alela Diane headlining the Bongo Club on Sunday. And she, ladies and gentlemen, will be sticking around to record the next Toad Session on the Monday. I am so fucking chuffed about that I could do a little dance!

Wednesday 23rd April, 2008: Angus & Julia Stone & Paris Motel at Cabaret Voltaire.
I’d not describe Angus & Julia Stone as any better than decent, but Paris Motel are definitely worth seeing. They’ll be playing with a pared-down lineup and I think the best way to describe them would be as the house band on the Marie Celeste. Spooky and gorgeous.
Paris Motel – City of Ladies

Wednesday 23rd April 2008: Super Adventure Club at Henry’s Cellar Bar.
I know next to nothing about these guys, and apparently they are pretty new on the capital’s music circuit. I’ve had a bit of a listen to their MySpace page though and they sound pretty good to me: slightly spasmodic, experimental indie but with a slightly more acoustic bent that a lot of other stuff in this sort of territory.
Super Adventure Club – Built in Redundancy

Thursday 24th April 2008: Boyfriend/Girlfriend & Down the Tiny Steps at the Voodoo Rooms.
You all know how much I like the Tinies’ electronic pop stuff, and Girlfriend/Boyfriend are also well worth checking out. They’re quite standard indie, but I like ’em nonetheless.
Boyfriend/Girlfriend – The Greatest High

Thursday 24th April 2008: The Un-Americans & Found & Frightened Rabbit & Withered Hand at the GRV.
Two of Scotland’s best bands, an Edinburgh favourite and a group I’ve never heard of. The Un-Americans have something of a dense, dirty blues sound which is rather promising, and I’ve never heard of them at all so definitely worth giving a go. Found and Withered Hand you know all about, and of course Frightened Rabbit have their new album Midnight Organ Fight to promote.
The Un-Americans – Jericho (Bootleg)

Friday 25th April 2008: Meursault & Fox Gang & Jesus H. Foxx (acoustic) at Henry’s Cellar Bar.
You know I love Meursault, but Fox Gang sound really rather good too and I’ve never had the chance to see them live. Provided I can stay sober enough in the pub after work on Friday, this week could be the on where I finally put that right. Their stuff sound quite mod-like at times, and has a good, funky beat underlying much of it and of course, most importantly, some bloody good tunes.
Fox Gang – White English

Sunday 27th April: Alela Diane & Michael Hurley at The Bongo Club.
Triptych may be no more, but they’re going out with a band here. Alela Diane’s Pirate’s Gospel was one of the loveliest albums of last year and I can’t wait to hear her fragile, bluesy folk live.
Alela Diane – Pieces of String