Live in Edinburgh This Week – 20th August 2012

 Wow this week is busy – there are even two awesome gigs happening on Sunday night, which is rather unusual.  As it happens, I don’t really know how many I am going to manage, all told.  Maybe one or two.  After last weekend’s efforts I think laying off the drink a little may prove to be an eminently sensible decision for a little while.

This means you can probably safely attend most of these gigs without running the risk of me being there and either getting drunk and calling you something offensive or, and this might actually be worse, getting all drunk and happy and trying to be your friend.

Anyhow, the options this week are so plentiful that once again I have had to put everything after the jump, just to make sure all the embedded audio players don’t just bring the whole site grinding to a halt.  Which they may yet do anyway.

Wednesday 22nd Aug.: Churches & We Are the Physics at the Electric Circus.

Churches are just about the buzziest band in the history of Scottish buzz bands.  One marginally above-average song on Soundcloud and suddenly every major label which hasn’t gone bust yet is sniffing around them.  I don’t get it, based on existing material, I have to say, but I would be highly interested to see them live and find out if the hype really is based on anything at all.

Thursday 23rd Aug.: North Atlantic Oscillation & Homework at the Electric Circus.

N.A.O. have some good stuff.  I have never been entirely smitten by the band, but at the same time they do have some stuff I really like in their canon of fairly moody, post-y, synthy, shoegazey close-your-eyes-and-sway tunesmithery,  And congratulations, you may have just read the worst sentence ever written about music on the entire internet.  I can only apologize.

Friday 24th Aug.: Emily Scott & Meursault at 42 Royal Park Terrace.

I have to confess to having little to no idea where this will be taking place – beyond the obvious clue of the address of course.  Judging from the business which show up at that address when you use Google, it looks like it might be in a photographer’s studio which… well, it’s the Festival I guess, so it’s not at all impossible. And given Emily Scott shares a large portion of her string section with Meursault, the makeup of this bill seems entirely appropriate.

Friday 24th Aug.: Remember Remember & Monoganon at the Electric Circus.

Monoganon’s debut album caused a right stir last year, when it seemed (to me at least, and I might be wrong) to more or less appear out of nowhere.  And if you don’t think it’s worth making the trip just to see Monoganon, then Remember Remember might not really be my cup of tea, but their (here we go again) instrumental post-y, proggy, slightly math-y stuff has earned many an admirer in Scotchland in the last few years.

Friday 24th Aug.: Scott Hutchison (Frightened Rabbit) solo, The Last Battle acoustic & After Me, the Flood (unplugged) at the Wee Red Bar.

This Acoustathon is for the benefit of the Sick Kids Friends Foundation, with absolutely every bit of cash generated being generously nudged in their direction.

Saturday 25th Aug.: Wounded Knee instore at Elvis Shakespeare.

This is a free even taking place around half past two in the afternoon, in what truly is a very fine music shop indeed. For those who know neither, Elvis Shakespeare is a second hand book and music shop halfway down Leith Walk, and Wounded Knee one of the city’s most engaging musicians, who can move from experimental looping to the most traditional of folk in a heartbeat.

Saturday 25th Aug.: Kid Canaveral & The Bad Books at the Electric Circus.

Two of Edinburgh’s most celebrated indie-popsters take to the Electric Circus, and with Kid Canaveral moving ever-closer to their second album I think they are starting to ease more and more new songs into their set, so if you are a fan and haven’t seen them for a while, sort it out.

Saturday 25th Aug.: Papi Falso Festival Special at Henry’s Cellar Bar.

Papi Falso really is Edinburgh’s best club night.  Amazing fun and absolutely brilliant music, with not a single muscle t-shirt or super-tight jeans and ankle-breaking heels combo in sight.

Sunday 26th Aug.: Jeff the Brotherhood & The Gold Lions at Sneaky Pete’s.

Jeff the Brotherhood play DIY rock music which has been so forcefully recommended to me by the people who know them that I fear violent reprisals if I fail to attend this particular gig tonight. The band manage to combine boisterous garage music with a genuine sense of mischief, but without ever seeming to be a joke band.  It’s just fun, and catchy as fuck, and awesome.

Sunday 26th Aug.: Conquering Animal Sound, Cru Servers & Urvanovic at the Electric Circus.

Blimey, have you really read all this way?  You brave soul.  Well finally this week the Electric Circus bring down the curtain on their week-long total ownership of the Edinburgh gig circuit with this carnival of experimental electronica, including SAY Award nominees and recent Chemikal Underground signees CAS, and two relatively new bands I have to confess to not having heard of, but who sound rather awesome on first listen.