Live in Edinburgh This Week – 20th July 2008

Edinburgh Morning

It’s a bit crowded with interesting things this week, with everything kind of happening at once, making it a little difficult to decide what to go to. Then there’s always Mrs. Toad of course, who has the selfish habit of complaining when I spent every night of the week out doing musicky things, the unreasonable old bag.

We’re off on a big holiday shortly too, so there is a fair bit of organising to be done and so far I am not proving particularly adept. Ah well, organisation was never a strong suit, but I guess we’ll be just fine. Going away is hardly a tricky business, especially if jabs aren’t involved. So what will I probably be skipping this week, in preparation for my parents’ visit on Friday?

Wednesday 23rd July 2008: Lanterns on the Lake, Lipsync For a Lullaby & Laura Lewis & the Tea Dance Orchestra at the Voodoo Rooms.
I don’t know much about these chaps, but Lipsync were highly recommended to me quite recently, although by whom I can’t remember. It was probably Bart “There is No Such Thing as a Shit Band” Owl I should imagine, but I’m not sure. Lanterns on the Lake are a Newcastle bunch who play rather dreamy pop, Laura Lewis is a local concern, who sounds quite breathless and just a little twee, and Lipsync deal in guitar soundscapes, so it sounds like a really diverse bill and a very decent night out indeed.
Lanterns on the Lake – This Year

Thursday 24th July 2008: Meursault & The Kays Lavelle play Duty Free at Cabaret Voltaire.
I like these Duty Free gigs – they’ve put together some pretty good lineups, despite the freeness, and this week sees a couple of very good Toadpals Meursault and The Kays Lavelle on the bill, along with a couple of other bands I don’t really know: Barnowl and Ross Clark.
The Kays Lavelle – The Chemistry Between

Thursday 24th July 2008: Sara & the Snakes & Black Diamond Express play Limbo at the Voodoo Rooms.
I’ve wanted to see Black Diamond Express for a while, but they don’t play that often and when they do I have an annoying habit of being otherwise engaged, which may well happen again this time, which is really frustrating. Sara & the Snakes likewise, really. I’ve seen their guitarist Andy do a solo set and he was absolutely outstanding but I’ve never seen the full band which is a little bit frustrating.
Black Diamond Express – Jack