Live in Edinburgh This Week – 20th May 2013

rhone Hmm, given I have to spend some time writing up the half a dozen bands I saw at the Great Escape who I want to tell you about I suppose it’s good that there doesn’t seem to be all that much going on in Edinburgh this week, from a live music perspective. At least, I can’t see all that much which would be up my street, which is what this post is about, so let me know if I’ve missed anything obvious, because I usually have.

Still, after the damage done to my liver by £300 bottles of wine (more of that later) in Brighton, I think a quiet week is a good idea, particularly as we are firmly in the midst of the Silly Season as far as the music industry is concerned: Wide Days, GoNorth, SXSW, Great Escape, the beginning of festival season… it all turns into a gigantic mess around now, and the liver and the sanity tend to bear the brunt of the damage.

Anyhow, the only gig I can see this week which looks like it would be up either my or your street  is one which I rather annoyingly cannot attend, which is ever the fucking way, but you should go if you can: Kid Canaveral, The Last Battle & Randolph’s Leap are at The Caves on Thursday night. The gig is free, but on a first come, first served basis, so don’t be too late and still expect to get in. It will be a night of indiepop, tinged with folk, and should be full of irreverent fun.

Other than that… well as I said, let me know if I’ve missed something obvious because it would hardly be the first time.