Live in Edinburgh This Week – 21st February 2011

Oh my aching face. This week there will be a total embargo on Fun of any sort, I think, to make up for the last seven days of fairly epic drinking.  Fortunately, it isn’t an overwhelmingly busy week, so I think I should be able to spend most of it at home with a cup of tea, nursing my whimpering liver.

The Ides of Toad night was absolutely amazing on Saturday.  Even with Loch Lomond sneakily squeezed onto the bill, we managed to get all four bands on and off the stage to play roughly half hour sets and finished with about seventy seconds to go – so I owe Alex Fenton and everyone who played a huge thank you for their excellence.

The details of Ides of Toadses still to come are above – with next Friday at Henry’s being the soonest.  We have The Leg, Louis Barabbas and the Bedlam Six and Zed Penguin, tickets can be bought here or at Avalanche in the Grassmarket, and once again we will have to be off the stage by about half ten, so the bands will start pretty punctually and you would be advised to turn up early if you can.

So, do you feel a little bit dirty after all that self-promotion?  Yes, me too, so sorry about that but these things have to be done.  Anyhow, two things which might stand in the way of my anti-fun policy this week are as follows:

Tuesday 22nd February 2011: Yuck, Paws & Young Spooks at Sneaky Pete’s.

People are starting to roll their eyes quite considerably at the term lo-fi, which in some senses I can kind of understand, but I like my loud music to have growl and grumble, not just lots of guitar-bashing and shouting.  This looks like a really good chance to get your your ears cleaned out – all three bands are capable of making a fine old racket.
Rubber by Yuck

Saturday 26th February 2011: Kid Canaveral‘s SXSW Fundraiser, with The Last Battle & Blue Sky Archives at the Wee Red Bar.

Kid Canaveral are Scotland’s premier indie-pop band, and if you fail to have fun at one of their gigs it is probably because you are clinically incapable of having fun.  Getting to Austin for SXSW is an expensive business though, so please come along and support them.

Kid Canaveral – So Close to Beautiful