Live in Edinburgh This Week – 22nd June 2009


Funnily enough, the most interesting music events this week are being held as part of the film festival.

Not funny “ha ha”, though.

Happy Monday.

Wednesday 24th June 2009: All Tomorrow’s Parties documentary at the Picture House

This is something rather special. It’s described as a” unique 360 degree music event”. Firstly, the film sounds incredible. It’s compiled from footage contributed by both fans and artists at the festival, shot on super 8, digital and mobile phone, as well as footage from Vincent Moon (the Take-Away shows) tieing it all together. (See the rather brilliant Clockwork Orange-inspired trailer here.) It will be screened in the Picture House, followed by a live performance from the ‘secret headliners’. I’ll get in trouble if I say who that is, but, um… it’s someone really good. And really good live, too. Yes. On top of all that, the venue will be completely redecorated to resemble a Butlin’s theme park, and there will be smaller, intimate performances in different rooms and parts of the venue from Scottish acts. (Full details are still a bit sketchy, but I know that both the Second Hand Marching Band and Scrim have already confirmed). To be frank, it sounds mental. But it also sounds absolutely amazing, and a complete one-off. It’s £18.50 for the film and live music event, and £12.50 for just the live music. (The film is screening in the Filmhouse the next day too, without the whole live music shebang).
The Second Hand Marching Band – We Walk In The Room

Thursday 25th June 2009 – Leith Tape Club, with youtakethebiggerhalf, Corn Capri meets Little Pebble, Team Turnip and McBrandy at Iso Bar

On this bill I only really recognise Little Pebble and Team Turnip, but the Tape Club is always a rather fun, intimate affair.
Little Pebble – Hold That Thought


Thursday 25th 2009 – The Gillyflowers at the Mill (Cabaret Voltaire)

I’ve not seen the Gillyflowers live as yet, but have heard a lot of good things, and I really like the stuff on their myspace.
The Gillyflowers – Country Boy

Friday 26th June 2009 – Playing with the Past, with eagleowl, FOUND and Meursault at the Pleasance

This is another rather special event – a screening of a series of short films lifted from the Scottish Screen Archive, with eagleowl, FOUND and Meursault providing live soundtracks. Very exciting. I hope Meursault are doing ‘Highlander’.
FOUND – You’re Really Quite The Catch

Friday 26th June 2009 – Adam Stafford and Michael John McCarthy at the Himalaya Cafe

Adam Stafford, of Y’all Is Fantasy Island infamy, will be playing songs from Rescue Weekend (which rarely get an airing with the full band sets) as well as new material, and Michael John McCarthy will be performing tracks from the excellent Outside World Strategies, which Euan gave a glowing review of last week.
Radio Trees (Michael John McCarthy) – Little Islands

Sunday 28th June 2009 – The Shipping Forecast Garden Party, with FOUND, Randan Discotheque, Rozi Plain at the Pear Tree
Those nice gents form the Stormy Seas are putting on a lovely little Sunday afternoon show in the Pear Tree beer garden. A fine, and rather ecletic, line-up with one still to be confirmed (though it’ll probably be Meursault, won’t it?). I saw Rozi Plain for the first time at Homegame earlier this year and was very impressed, so looking forward to her set in particular. I can’t really think of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon. And it’s free. Gods be praised.