Live in Edinburgh This Week – 22nd October 2012

Morning, good people, how are things out there in the wilds of the internet? It can be a crazy and dangerous place out there I know – I think even David Cameron has some fans out there, but they might just be exaggerated fairy stories made to scare the children, I couldn’t say.

Anyhow, there’s an awful lot of stuff going on this week. First and foremost, we are recording with a band I have temporarily named the Wolf Crystal Ghost Toads for now, until we find them a proper name.  More about the exact project later, but they are basically a loose combination of musicians from Meursault, Sparrow and the Workshop and Broken Records, amongst others, and will be playing a set of the songs they work on this week at this Friday’s second BAD FUN! at Henderson’s at St. John’s.

So, while I am locked away in Toad Hall with *ahem* the very cream of Scottish musicianship and songwriting talent, here are lots of fine things with which you can entertain yourselves until Friday, when shit gets real.

Tuesday 23rd Oct.: Morris Major‘s final gig, at Whistle Binkies.

It’s a shame, this, because I rather liked this band, but Matthew is heading back to Manchester so for now Morris Major are no more.  Their last gig is a free entry affair at Whistle Binkies, and they’re on stage around 10pm I think. Anyhow, their extremely enjoyable brand of infectious guitar pop will be missed.

Wednesday 24th Oct.: All sorts of stuff, all over the place.

Sorry, but I couldn’t be fucked listing all these gigs formally, but they all merit a mention for different reasons.  Firstly, and by far the most surreal of the lot, we have Charlotte Church playing the Electric Circus.  Yes, that Charlotte Church.  Yes, seriously.

Secondly, we have the return of the excellent (if often splendidly obscure) Braw Gigs, who have a night at the Banshee Labyrinth with Islaja, Tomutonttu, Raven Shuns and Anakanak.  I can’t tell you too much about the bands I’m afraid, apart from that Anakanak is the solo work of Annekke from Conquering Animal Sound.

And finally, at the Voodoo Rooms we have a fundraising gig for Action on Depression, featuring I Build Collapsible Mountains, Letters, and the inaugural gig by The Meanest Creature Ever Known, who I believe are the band who rose from the ashes of Loch Awe.

Thursday 25th Oct.: Music Like a Vitamin at the Picture House, with Withered Hand (solo), Sparrow and the Workshop, Fatherson and Rod Jones & the Birthday Suit.

The new stuff by the Birthday Suit sounds really promising, and you already know I think Sparrow and the Workshop and Withered Hand are two of the best live bands in Scotland so umm… well, what are you waiting for. There will be some special guests too, as far as I am aware, just in case you needed further incentive.

Friday 26th Oct.: Song, by Toad’s BAD FUN with Viking Moses, the Wolf Crystal Ghost Toads and Woodpecker Wooliams at Henderson’s at St. John’s.

Yes, the second BAD FUN! has arrived, and the lineup is brimming with amazingness. Tickets are a couple of quid cheaper in advance, remember (buy them here), but £7 on the door is still pretty cheap if you ask me. We have the ethereally gorgeous Woodpecker Wooliams, old Edinburgh favourite Viking Moses and the slightly mysterious (honestly, even they’re not that sure what they’re going to sound like yet) Wolf Crystal Ghost Toads, with DJs until 1am.

Saturday 27th Oct.: The last Tidal Wave of Indifference gig (for now) with The Last Battle, Plastic Animals, Fuzzystar & Early Morning Satellites at the Wee Red Bar.

Apparently Stu from the Tidal Wave of Indifference is giving up gig promotion FOR EVER (which usually means until the itch resurfaces in a year or so), and he is bowing out with a fine bill, including the continually improving Plastic Animals, and what I think might be one of the first Edinburgh appearances of Early Morning Satellites, the recently renamed, and highly promising, purveyors of moody, shimmery guitar music formerly known as Honey.

And remember, it’s Papi Falso’s Halloween Special afterwards, at Henry’s.

Sunday 28th Oct.: Haddowfest, Everywhere!

I am not listing all these shows individually, because there’s fucking hunners of ’em.  Haddowfest is a all-day multi-venue festival in Edinburgh, and there are some awesome bands on, including Meursault, Broken Records and Mazes.  Tickets are available here, and the full lineup can be found here.