Live in Edinburgh This Week – 23rd March 2008

Water of Leith

What’s happening in Edinburgh this week? Erm, well mostly bugger all actually. In fact, I can’t find anything that I’d really bother going to see this week, but not to fear for one of the first great live events of the year is upon us: The Fence Collective Homegame. But more about that later, because it isn’t in Edinburgh, whereas this is:

Thursday 27th March: Isosceles at The Voodoo Rooms.
Alright, I’m scraping the barrel a bit with this one, I admit, but I had to list something. The only reason I say scraping is because I know nothing at all about these fellows, and I am not entirely sure it’s my sort of thing, on first listen, but Billy from Spins ‘n’ Needles is going along and seeing as the missus is in God Bless America this week I thought I might pop along for sociable reasons. And what a fucking excellent song Kitch Bitch is.
Isosceles – This is Where it Ends
Isosceles – Kitch Bitch

Normally I find Bart’s weekly incursions into this thread to be something of a bane, because it invariably means I have missed something good, but this week I find myself pleading for his help. Is there anything good happening this week, Bart? Anything?

Well, now that’s over with, what’s all this Homegame business then? Well if you read this blog regularly you almost certainly know all about Fence Records. They are based in Anstruther on the Fife coast and every year they all return to the town, invite those of us lucky enough to snag tickets in the eight minutes it took them to sell out, and spend all weekend getting absolutely cabbaged and playing lots and lots of great tunes.

Bands you have read about these pages that will be playing include Down the Tiny Steps, Art Pedro, Rob St.John, Eagleowl, The Pictish Trail, Viva Stereo, Kid Canaveral and of course the two most famous ones: King Creosote and James Yorkston. So you see why I’m excited. A dozen great bands and a long weekend on the Fife coast with my charmingly indifferent flower of delicate beauty, Mrs. Toad. She just goes for the weekend at the seaside really, and doesn’t pay much, if any, attention to any of the bands. Which in a silly way I sort of like.