Live in Edinburgh This Week – 24th August 2008

Fuck Off Festival

I am not leaving the house this week. Instead I am going to be locked in my sweaty little internet den (or the ‘editing suite’, if you want it to sound a bit less grotty) beavering away at session videos. I couldn’t resist a little leak of one of the Meursault recordings here though, but that’s because the whole thing is coming together really nicely and I am just plain excited.

And the Festival ends this week as well. Would you believe I haven’t done a single show this year, not one. I mean, I’ve been to see Eagleowl and Broken Records, but then I’d do that anyway. Mind you, the whole fucking lot is getting so bloody expensive these days that this is hardly a disaster.

Monday 25th August 2008: Alex Cornish at The Village, Leith.
Alex is a a good friend, and a DIY champion in this era of record industry panic. He’s actually turned down the advances of proper labels in order to carry on making things happen on his own. Given that he’s an Edinburgh lad doing things his own way, so you’d bloody well all better show him some support when the new single comes out in September. More on that later in the week.
Alex Cornish – Scotland the Brave

Monday 25th August 2008: Clare & the Reasons at Cabaret Voltaire.
I know nothing about these guys at all, apart from the fact that they come highly, highly recommended by a good friend of mine. So highly recommended, in fact, that she’s emailed me about this particular gig three or four times already. Mad old bag.
Clare & the Reasons – Everybody Wants to Rule the World (Yes, that one.)

Tuesday 26th August 2008: The Raconteurs at the Corn Exchange.
I was so disappointed by their last album that I won’t be going to this, but the Raconteurs were blistering the last time I saw them, so if you liked their recent stuff and are in any doubts, just go. Jack White, in particular, is a virtuoso live performer.
The Raconteurs – Steady as She Goes (Acoustic)

Thursday 28th August 2008: Meursault, Sparrow & the Workshop & The Red Well play Limbo at the Voodoo Rooms.
Continuing their consistently excellent lineups, this one has to trump the lot, I think. Will I be there? Mwah ha ha ha, will fucking bells on I will. And to celebrate, here’s a little sneak preview from the forthcoming Meursault Toad Session, which will be posted this weekend. Why? Because I just couldn’t restrain myself, that’s why.
Meursault – Pissing on Bonfires/Kissing With Tongues (Toad Session)

Thursday 28th August 2008: Punch & the Apostles play Henry’s Cellar Bar, along with Super Adventure Club, Rodent Emporium and Terra Surfa.
I would interested to see these guys actually, as their single on Lucky Number Nine Records, an excellent little DIY Glasgow label, was really rather good. I’d like to see them live, just to get a better understanding of their sound. Their gypsy blunderbuss sound might have slightly missed its window in terms of its fashionable status, but they still sound like a very good band to me irrespective of all that sort of calculating commercial bobbins.
Punch & the Apostles – The Engineers of Salammbo