Live in Edinburgh This Week – 24th January 2011

MOOOOR-ning! Having kicked off our own monthly series of gigs this weekend just, with an excellent gig at the Wee Red Bar, I feel very much ready to start properly going to gigs again, after an extremely quiet January.

It was an excellent night actually, so a massive thank you to everyone who came out, and thanks a lot to the bands as well, who all made an effort to bring their friends down, which as a new promoter is something I am extremely grateful for.

We’ve got something like five more gigs in the pipeline by now, including bands like Rob St. John, Ziggy Campbell, Thirty Pounds of Bone, Louis Barabbas and the Bedlam Six, Zed Penguin, Husband, Miaoux Miaoux, Jonnie Common’s Desk Job, and hopefully also The Leg, eagleowl and Orchestra Elastique, assuming we can make them offers they can’t refuse.

Friday 28th January 2011: Gummi Bako, eagleowl and The Oates Field play Limbo at the Voodoo Rooms (tickets here).

If it weren’t for the fact that Homegame isn’t until May this year, I would have described this as the perfect warmup.  It’s been ages since Gummi Bako has brought his rock ‘n’ roll band (wonkytonk, in his own words, apparently) down from Fife, and for all I know a lot of people see them as an acquired taste, I can tell you they are awesome fun to watch.

eagleowl – Into the Fold (Toad Session)

Sunday 30th January 2011: Broken Records & Freelance Whales at the Liquid Room (tickets here).

I haven’t seen Broken Records play live since the release of their phenomenal second album Let Me Come Home, so I am hugely looking forward to this.  The new material sounds a lot more like a guitar-based indie rock band than earlier stuff, but I can’t imagine their live impact has been anything other than enhanced by this change.

Freelance Whales – Generator – 2nd Floor

Sunday 30th January 2011: Maps and Atlases, Gallops & Dupec vs Lady North at Sneaky Pete’s.

This looks like a night of hypnotic, crunchy, experimental electronica.  Not the wibbly, noodly stuff though, but proper, in your face racket.  It’s a kind of music which is doing quite well around here at the moment actually, but not one I feel I have properly given a chance and made an effort to get into yet.  Shame on me.