Live in Edinburgh This Week – 24th June 2013

embra Phew, what a very fine festival that was, and what a punishing recording schedule. It was all pretty well-organised and the room was amazing, but in music something always finds a way to go wrong, and this weekend was no exception. Still, nothing fatal though, and the recording for the 3rd Song, by Toad Split 12″ has all been done successfully, and I think we will have an amazing record.

I’ll write more about the Insider Festival and the recording process a little later though, but for now this is our traditional Monday listings post, where I pick the live music in Edinburgh which interests me, and write it down on the internet in the hopes that it will interest you too. It’s also something of a lamentable and unintentional tradition that I leave something out of course, so please have a word in the comments thread if I have missed anything.

Also, if you want to avoid Wounded Knee (which you shouldn’t), you’re basically going to have to stay in until the end of the week I’m afraid. He and his notorious bawbag will be appearing no less than three times in the next three days, which makes him even more ubiquitous than cat photos on the internet.

He is playing tonight at the Peter Potter Gallery, in Haddington in East Lothian, where he will be joined by enigmatic folkie C Joynes. It may be traditional stuff, but Joynes embraces a really eerie aesthetic, and sounds to these rather ignorant ears like a really interesting musician. Then tomorrow, the pair are playing at Summerhall in Edinburgh, and will be joined by Stephanie Hladowski and Neil Davidson for another awesome Braw Gigs show.

On Wednesday Mr. Knee then takes himself out to the Dalkeith Arts Centre for some fun with local epic, dark, post-folkers eagleowl. Post-folk is a silly term isn’t it. Ah well, I can’t think what else to call them. A band, maybe. But that’s not exactly informative, as descriptions go.

Anyhow, if you want to anything at all other than go and see Wounded Knee a lot, which I would imagine is relatively few of you, then you might wish to pop along to Henry’s Cellar Bar on Saturday night where some very interesting new Edinburgh talent will be showcasing together: instrumental post-rock from Wozniak, dreamy, experimental soundscapes from  Swallows Fly Low and big, shoegazey rock tunes from Mad Nurse. If anyone wants to see three excellent Edinburgh bands you’ve definitely never read about on these pages, then I recommend you get down there, because these three sound very promising indeed.