Live in Edinburgh This Week – 25th May 2010

Sometimes pretend people (ie you, because you’re on the internet) can be so much better than real ones.  I can explain to my parents that the reason I have neglected them for the last little while is because I have spent most of the last week gazing at the white lines on a motorway, driving Loch Lomond around the UK for their first UK mini-tour, but deep down they’ll probably still be miffed that I haven’t called, written, emailed, or anything at all for about two weeks.

You, on the other hand, have such a rich and varied internets to entertain you that you probably barely even noticed, you heartless fucking bastards.  Honestly, internet fuckers can be so cruel sometimes.

Fortunately, not much seems to be happening until later on in the week this week, leaving me a couple of days to re-gird my thoroughly dis-girded loins before it all kicks off again.  My brain, honestly, is melting.

Thursday 27th May 2010:  Washington Irving, Sebastian Dangerfield, Octoberman & Peter Katz at Sneaky Pete’s.

This is a crazily good lineup, with Instinctive Raccooners Washington Irving releasing their new EP with support from Sebastian Dangerfield, who are probably the band in Edinburgh I am most interested in considering I have yet to actually see them play.  They do nothing more clever than wistful indie-pop songs, but from what I have heard they do them very well indeed.  Added to these two is a pair of bands from Toronto, one of whom – Octoberman – I have been following for quite some time and am really rather surprised to see them turn up here.  Very pleasantly surprised of course, but surprised nonetheless!

Octoberman – By the Wayside

Thursday 27th May 2010: Versus, with The Japanese War Effort, Miaoux Miaoux and Dupec, with Yusuf Azak and Iliop, at the Voodoo Rooms.

I have not been to a single Versus gig yet, and I am not going to make this one either.  Dave and Ted would be forgiven for thinking I hate their night but nothing, honestly, could be further from the truth – just look at the Cold Seeds album.  With a couple of Toad favourites on the bill in Yusuf Azak and The Japanese War Effort, this one promises to be an unusual addition to a fine tradition.

The Japanese War Effort – His and Hers Politics

Friday 28th May 2010: Jesus H. Foxx & eagleowl play the This is Music 4th Birthday Celebrations at Sneaky Pete’s.

The Foxx and eagleowl are brilliant, but unfortunately I will be doing some DJing at this one, so only come along if you’re feeling brave.

eagleowl – Sleep the Winter (Toad Session)

Saturday 29th May 2010: The Damned at the Picturehouse.

Not sure why I listed this one actually, because I am hardly a massive fan of the Damned.  Still, there are a good few songs of theirs which I like and, honestly, it just looks like it might be good fun.

The Damned – Problem Child

Sunday 30th May 2010: The Go Away Birds at the Roxy Art House.

The Go Away birds are part Zoey Van Goey, and partly the lass who sang the lead on that Stuart Murdoch (Belle & Sebastian) project God Help the Girl a year or so ago.  This stuff is very pretty indeed.