Live in Edinburgh This Week – 26th April 2010

After a balmy and beautiful weekend in Paris and a couple of warm days in Scotland I am finally persuaded that Spring might just be upon us at last.  Our daffodils – out in January last year – are finally blooming, and I am not wearing a coat to work these days.

Having the edge go from the air and that little bit more sunshine than usual tends to give a spring to people’s step, and even this week’s gig listings are playing along by being nice and benign: busy, but not crowded, with a few interesting little gems thrown in there and a few nailed-on crowd pleasers.

Whatever happens, if it stays nice and sunny like this, I will be spending about as much time outside as I possibly can.

Monday 26th April 2010: Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet, performed by The Scottish Ensemble at the Queen’s Hall.

The Queen’s Hall website describes Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet as “one of the iconic works of the English experimental tradition”. I don’t mean to betray myself as more of a philistine than you already suspect, but the only reason I know about this is because of Bryars’ collaboration with Tom Waits.  It looks really interesting though, and a bit of a break from the usual moaning indie-folk pish I go on about on this site.

Tom Waits & Gavin Bryars – Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet

Tuesday 27th April 2010: Adelaide’s Cape at Cabaret Voltaire.

Sorry people, this is in May, I am an idiot.

Friday 30th April 2010: eagleowl EP launch with John Egdell & The Douglas Firs at the Roxy Room.

Apart from the fact that eagleowl are fucking brilliant, and apart from the fact that their new EP is absolutely gorgeous, there are a couple of other very good reasons to be at this gig: John Egdell and the first live manifestation of The Douglas Firs, the fantastic ‘other’ project of Jesus H. Foxx drummer Neil Insh.

eagleowl – Into the Fold (Toad Session)

Saturday 1st May 2010: Jonquil at the Roxy Room.

Jonquil have evolved somewhat over the last year or so apparently, so I have rather less idea what to expect from them than back when they were doing distinctlyfolk-poppish things.  They’re a touch more rhythmic and harmony-laden these days though, from the sound of it.

Sunday 2nd May 2010: Woodpigeon, Laura Gibson & Wounded Knee at Cabaret Voltaire.

This is a bit of an alt-folk all-stars lineup, isn’t it.  Woodpigeon have rather close ties to Edinburgh actually, and I believe Mark is rather good friends with quite a few people around these parts so this should almost be like a hometown gig for them!

Woodpigeon – Songbook/The Sound of Us Playing Together