Live in Edinburgh This Week – 26th July 2009


Having just got back from a weekend spent in the sunshine at the Wickerman Festival, I will be spending all of Monday at a client meeting, and not returning to Edinburgh until Tuesday, so there would appear to be precious little in terms of rest for the wicked this week.  And that means that you’re going to be somewhat on your own with this post today, as I will be sitting in an eight hour meeting with a full bladder of rotten instant coffee.

Bart very kindly rote a fantastic summary of the musical August we are in store for this year, and posted it here, yesterday.  This is something I am hoping to be able to do on a regular basis – ask people to contribute to the blog on Sundays, when I very rarely post.  Bart has kicked it off, and there should hopefully be more in future, ideally on a regular basis.  Unfortunately, with all the splendid things in store for us this August, the city seems to be collectively drawing breath this week, with nothing on until Saturday:

Saturday 1st August 2009: Found, Dent May, White Heath & Rob St. John at Electric Circus.

Apart from a stellar lineup of bands this evening promises to be utterly ruined by my good self DJing again, which is a worrying sign for Edinburgh in general.  Still, it seems so far to to nothing more sinister than to give me free entry into really good gigs, so I can’t say that I mind at all – quite what the other poor bastards at the gig think is another story.  I’ll run out of records soon though, so some shopping might be necessary.
Anyway, the gig itself is something of a stellar lineup.  I was massively impressed by Found at the recent Toad Summer Party and, White Heath are getting better and better at the moment. Rob St. John is someone I haven’t seen in ages though, and I am really looking forward to seeing him play again.  Rob recently put a new song called The Sargasso Sea up on his MySpace page and it seems his lovely acoustic folk music is slowly being turned into borderline Led Zeppelin guitar solos – in other words, Saturday should be a good ‘un.  I don’t know anything about Dent May, but with the rest of the night looking as good as it does, who cares, frankly.
Rob St. John – Paper Ships

There are a couple of vaguely mysterious things also happening this week, but I am a little too unsure of them to actually put them down as full listings.  Meursault are playing at Sneaky Pete’s on Tuesday, but it’s possible that may be a private party – I trust someone can set me straight in the comments.  Also, White Heath are listed on their MySpace page as playing at Henry’s Cellar Bar on Friday, but not on the listings for Henry’s itself.  Anyone know anything about this?