Live in Edinburgh This Week – 26th September 2011

One of the shite things about being self-employed is the lack of sickies.  My back is giving my right fucking grief today, but I have too much to do to be able to pull a sickie and spend the day lying on the living room floor watching movies.  Whinge whinge fucking whinge.

I don’t normally mention Glasgow gigs, but there is actually another Independent Record Fair being held through that way this week, as part of the Eastern Promise event, which is being held in Easterhouse, with busses leaving from Mono and a ticket setting you back either a tenner for the day or £15 for the weekend.  There is live music on both days, and the record fair itself on the evening of the Saturday.

And, also on Saturday, The Ides of Toad return to Edinburgh, with a fine three-band lineup at Henry’s Cellar Bar.  Sparrow & the Workshop have repeatedly told me that the John Knox Sex Club are the best live band in Scotland, so when their new album turned out to be so good, it made sense to invite them to play, and I am really looking forward to Saturday.

Thursday 29th September 2011: Tattie Toes album launch with Usurper & Shareholder at the Leith Dockers’ Club.

I don’t think I need to much more to persuade you to go to this gig that quote this from the Facebook event page, which describes Tattie Toes as “basque balkan jazz folk strammash, with a dash of avant garde violin screech, ceilidh stomp and shanty wooze”.

Saturday 1st October 2011: John Knox Sex Club, Easter & Fuzzystar at Henry’s Cellar Bar.

I haven’t had a gig on at Henry’s for a couple of months now, and I am very much looking forward to this one.  I got into Easter when they were recommended by Milk Maid, during their Toad Session, and I saw Fuzzystar play both at the Antihoot in August and then again at This is Music at Sneaky’s.

John Knox Sex Club – John the Revelator
Easter – Somethin’ American
Fuzzystar – Late Night Radio

Saturday 1st October 2011: Supermarionation EP launch with Lee Patterson & Andrew Mill at the Wee Red Bar.

Supermarionation are releasing their second EP Amongst the Northern Lochs on Saturday and in keeping with the fact that this is a more acoustic affair than much of their earlier stuff, they have decided to play two sets on Saturday, and will be opening the evening with an acoustic performance and then closing it with a fully plugged in one.  Nice!