Live in Edinburgh This Week – 27th April 2008


No, I’m not dead, just insanely busy. We recorded the Alela Diane & Mariee Sioux Toad Session today, and it’s been a pretty bloody hectic weekend, so I am bloody exhausted.

Also, when I requested my slot on Fresh Air, Edinburgh’s student radio station, I looked at a couple of months of my diary and what do you know, hectic as hell but for some reason Tuesday was empty absolutely every week for about two months. Perfect, I thought, I shall request Tuesdays as it will never clash with anything and life will be beer and skittles.

Since they were nice enough to give me a slot on Tuesdays what has happened? Well this week I was offered a ticket for Manchester United’s home tie with Barcelona in the European Cup and there are two bloody gigs I want to go to in Edinburgh that night as well. Fucking typical.

Tuesday 29th April: The Low Lows & Eagleowl at Henry’s Cellar Bar.
I am so pissed off about missing this gig I could cure cancer on Tuesday afternoon and just not fucking tell anyone out of spite. Eagleowl’s morose folk and The Low Lows building, feedbacky Americana would have been the best lineup for bloody ages. Arse arse fucking arse.
The Low Lows – Raining in Eva

Tuesday 29th April: Isosceles & Eastern Conference Champions at Cabaret Voltaire.
I have no idea quite what the word angular means when applied to music, but perhaps abrupt, spasmodic indie pop with plenty of synth and style might cover it. That’s Isosceles anyway, and they’re excellent. Eastern Conference Champions are another very, erm, yoof-friendly sounding beat combo and despite this I really like them.
Isosceles – Isosceles

Thursday 1st May: Limbo at the Voodoo Rooms with Come On Gang & The Chap.
I’m not sure if there’s been a Limbo night yet that hasn’t been worth going to, but you know what, I’ve never once made it. This is unlikely to change this week unfortunately, but Come On Gang are supposed to be brilliant and The Chap sound decent as well.

There’s a couple of others, like Colin McIntyre (of Mull Historical Society) at Cabaret Voltaire and Zoey Van Goey and Crash My Model Car at Henry’s, but my interest in both of those gigs is kind of slim, so I go if you want but I won’t be making it. Maybe if they’d put them on a Tuesday instead…

I’m not listing any gigs as part of the 32 Music Live festival at the Three Sisters in Edinburgh because, for some incredible reason which I really hope goes deeper than my own simple stupidity, I can’t seem to find the fucking listings anywhere on the internet. The closest I could find was this on Bebo, with the only interesting bits of information being that it starts this weekend and is free. Go information superhighway!

Oh and Vampire Weekend are at the Liquid Room, but don’t bother – they’ve sold out.

I am now going to sleep the sleep of the recently deceased.