Live in Edinburgh This Week – 27th December 2009

New Year's Party copy

I suspect there’s probably loads of stuff going on in Edinburgh this week, but I am in the middle of France, and I will be cooking mixed clams with some fennel and Pastis and star anise in a moment or so, so frankly I can’t be bothered looking gigs up for you.  You might try this, if you’re really keen.

As far as I personally am concerned, there is only one real gig this week, and that is our New Year’s House Gig on the 31st (no shit, really, the 31st?).  Playing will be Virgin of the Birds and Jamie from Broken Records, both doing solo sets.

We’ll be getting the music on relatively early if we can, so that people determined to wrestle the masses at the fireworks up in town can do so.  Alternatively you can just cross the road from ours and watch them from Inverleith Park if you’re that fussed.   Also, Jon and Jamie are both coming for a bit of a piss up as well, so we don’t really want to keep them on the clock for too long if we can avoid it. Oh, and we’ll have the webcam active again, for those of you who want to watch on the internets.

Because it’s new year and because it’s our house, we’d really appreciate it if you could buy tickets in advance.  We aren’t a venue, per se, so it would help if we could have some idea of numbers and try and keep them under control.  I’ve no idea if it’ll turn out to be jammed or not, but we won’t let more than forty people in so do try and let us know if at all possible.

Broken Records – Wolves (Toad Session)

Virgin of the Birds – Lessons Learned in Turkish Valleys