Live in Edinburgh This Week – 27th May 2013

ed Hey, wouldn’t it be nice to read a post on this site where I’m not just pimping my own releases for a change? Well prepare to be truly, magnificently excited because holy shit, THIS IS THAT POST!

Instead this is (mostly) weekly post about what’s happening on the live circuit of Scotland’s grand old capital – or at least what’s happening in terms of the kind of music which I personally like, anyway, and I do acknowledge that this is hardly a broad-minded approach, but it’s at least pretty much appropriate for the readership of this site, I assume. The problem with making something suitably niche like that is that it means sometimes that niche is so narrow as to be largely empty, and this is one of those weeks.

But while there’s nothing massively headline-grabbing out there this week, there are still some interesting things happening around Edinburgh, and for those of you with a yen for things musical taking a chance on something is the only way to find new things to love.

If you’re looking for a gig in the traditional sense, in terms of a three-band bill in a venue with beer, then we have Mister Lies, Giraffage and Slow Lies at Sneaky Pete’s on this very evening – so quick, get changed and get a bloody move on! It’s a tad on the blissful electronica side for me, but having a quick listen to all three bands there’s definitely some good stuff in there, and it’s really good to see Sneaky’s putting on gigs again after all the hassle they’ve had with soundproofing and all that rubbish.

Also, with GoNorth taking place next week there is a special Born to be Wide at the Electric Circus on Thursday where the esteemed panellists will be giving bands advice on getting the best out of the festival. The esteemed panellists in question would be the following: Radio Scotland’s Vic Galloway, Chasing Owls frontman Ben Sunderland and two of the event’s organisers, Alex Smith and Amanda Millen.

And finally a certain Mr. Lach, formerly of this parish, has recently taken a role with the new owners at Henry’s Cellar Bar and seems to have made reinvigorating the normally rather quiet first part of the week his first mission. Consequently tonight there is the first of a weekly open stage, tomorrow is the first of another weekly night, the Songwriter’s Cellar, where Lach invites four of his favourite acts to play full sets for the evening, and then on Wednesday Lach’s Anithoot Radio Night, which is another new weekly show which kicked off recently.

Whether or not Edinburgh really has the depth of talent to sustain such a lot of weekly nights in the long run we shall see, but personally I hope it works out because this kind of thing could prove a real engine room for the city’s music scene, and Christ knows we could do with one at the moment.