Live in Edinburgh This Week – 28th March 2011

Right, after an unspeakable beast of a week last week, handling the diciest of dicey session, lost bands, exploding PAs and jetlag, this shall be the week of brutal efficiency.  Vorsprung Durch Technik and all that sort of thing.

It is also the week we finalise the Lach masters, the King Post Kitsch vinyl master for the Don’t You Touch My Fucking Honeytone single (May 16th) and get the print press promotional work moving for his album, The Party’s Over.  Things, in short, are in full swing.

Lower Dens, The Scottish Enlightenment and Edinburgh School for the Deaf were all bloody excellent at Sneaky Pete’s last night, but I didn’t see all that many of you fuckers there.  Shame on you all, shame indeed!

There aren’t all that many conventional gigs knocking about Edinburgh this week, but there are certainly some interesting ones.

Friday 1st April 2011: Arrington De Dionyso & The Leg at the Bristo Hall.

This will lurch between unlistenable nonsense and mental genius, I would imagine, as the best music should.  The more recognisable elements seem to be at least somewhat related to a Beefhearty stomp, but that’s just one touchstone for what a quick listen to De Dionyso’s MySpace (for that’s all I know about him) shows to be a rather broad spectrum of styles.  Also, the Leg are fucking awesome.

Arrington De Dionysio – The Invisible New

Saturday 2nd April 2011: Two Wings & Family Elan at Old St. Paul’s Church Hall.

Two Wings first came to my attention a few weeks ago, and I am really interested in what little of their stuff exists so far.  It’s quite melodramatic, flighty, psychedelic folk, but it has plenty of balls and force, and I will be really interested to hear where they go from here.  I don’t really know anything about Family Elan, but Powan Presents put on really good gigs, so I would say that if they are good enough for them, then they are good enough for me.

Saturday 2nd April 2011: Meursault, Conquering Animal Sound & Jonnie Common play Limbo at The Voodoo Rooms.

I haven’t actually seen Meursault play since they acquired a fiddle player, a drummer and a bass guitarist, so this will be a weird experience for me – almost as if the label has signed a new band, who sound suspiciously like an old band we used to know.  Conquering Animal Sound and Jonnie Common shouldn’t need any introduction on these pages, but if you don’t know them, take my word for it, they’re excellent.

Meursault – Flittin’ (Demo)

[Edit: Fuck me for being an idiot, it’s Haddowfest this weekend as well.  What a tool!  The lineup looks a little patchy, but there are some good bands on there, and I’m really impressed with how this festival has grown over the last couple of years.]