Live in Edinburgh This Week – 28th May 2012

I don’t know whether to be excited at the gorgeous weather, or just drop absolutely everything and run outside immediately.  We’ve had chores to do since last week, but given that glorious weather in Scotland is about as rare as hen’s teeth it would rather feel like looking a gift horse in the mouth to scorn this current spell in favour of chores.  A gift hen horse thing… oh dear.

So yes, forgive me if I rattle out this damn post as quickly as humanly possible and then run outside as fast as possible to embrace the sunshine before it goes away.

Actually, wasn’t it the Edinburgh Marathon yesterday, now that I think about it?  I mean, it was probably only about twenty degrees or something, but for a Scottish marathon runner that’s damn close to running a marathon in the very depths of hell itself.  Well done, people.  Fucking lunatics.

Wednesday 30th May: Holy Mountain, Fat Goth & A Fight You Can’t Win at the Electric Circus.

Bring ear-plugs. This is a Vic Galloway-curated night of screaming racket, featuring a headline slot from Chemikal Underground’s newest signing Holy Mountain.

Thursday 31st May: James Yorkston and the Athletes & Seamus Fogarty at The Caves.

I believe this is going to be one of those ‘replaying a classic album in its entirety’ nights.  Whilst I suppose you could look at that sort of thing as a little cynical, particular given the album in question has just been released on double vinyl, but if you love an album and get the chance to hear what are often old and seldom-performed songs then they can be pretty great nights.  I remember the Wedding Present’s George Best tour – brilliant!

James Yorkston & the Athletes – Saint Patrick

Thursday 31st May: Born to Be Wide ‘Gigs Off the Beaten Track‘ Seminar at the Electric Circus.

Born to Be Wide have been educating the Edinburgh music scene for a good while now, and this month’s seminar focusses on putting on gigs in unusual place.  To rip directly from the PR spiel: Speakers include Douglas Robertson, who has hosted dozens of concerts in his Edinburgh home, Andy Richardson whose Trouble club nights include live acts and Ally McCrae, who combines his BBC activity with co-running Detour events. They will be joined by Nick Herd who has hosted concerts in churches, recording studios and galleries.

Saturday 2nd June: Woodenbox at the Electric Circus.

Woodenbox have an entirely-justified reputation for hugely enjoyable, raucous live shows, and they are apparently on the verge of releasing a second album of their trademark, horn-inflected Americana.

Sunday 3rd June: Plastic Animals EP launch, with Honeyblood and  Spook School at Henry’s Cellar Bar.

Some of Scotland’s most promising new bands come together on Sunday to help Plastic Animals launch their second EP Automaton. This will be my first chance to see Honeyblood, and Plastic Animals are always a treat live – a bit more thunderous, self-indulgent and epic than on record, which I mean entirely as a compliment.