Live in Edinburgh This Week – 28th September 2008

Edinburgh in Autumn

Well it’s welcome back to Edinburgh for Mrs. Toad, returned on Saturday evening. It’s good to have the stroppy old bitch back, telling me all the things I haven’t done to her satisfaction during her absence. I’d forgotten how much I missed that incessant grumble.

This week isn’t really live week for me, if I’m honest. I have sessions and interviews that are woefully behind schedule and need dealing with before they go stale. I might sneak out and see the Byrons on Thursday, but that might be it I think. Ah the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle, when did it foresake me?

Thursday 2nd October 2008: The Byrons & The Fnords at The Ark.
Okay, okay, so the Ark is a shitty venue, but this looks like fun. I like the Byrons, they have a new EP apparently, and given how different their previous recorded material was from their live show I’m very curious to hear it. The new stuff on their MySpace page is sounding pretty sharp, so it’ll be good to see them live and in person once again. The Fnords aren’t going to win any prizes for originality but they play a sort of rockabilly punk and they do it pretty well, judging from their MySpace, so they could be great fun.
The Byrons – Lights Have Changed

Saturday 4th October 2008: Johnny Foreigner & Danananackroyd at Cabaret Voltaire.
When Johnny Foreigner played Henry’s last year the place was half empty, but the reviews were spectacularly favourable. I personally have always been just a little ambivalent as far as they are concerned, but there were a lot of very trustworthy sorts getting very excited about their brand of furious guitar-bothering.
Johnny Foreigner – The Houseparty Scene is Killing You

Sunday 5th October – Fanattica, Black Diamond Express, Claes Cem & Injuns at Henry’s Cellar Bar.
I don’t know too much about any of these bands, but I’ve been intending to see Black Diamond Express and Fanattica for a while now. There should be plenty of real instruments at this gig, which is always welcome. Where is the good punk these days, then?
Fanattica – Black Cat, White Cat