Live in Edinburgh This Week – 29th June 2009

Rain.  Woop.

So Matthew’s plane crashed on the way back from Italy, after a rather nasty accident apparently involving a trainee pilot, gin and a difference of opinion on the work of Tom Waits.

Only kidding, folks. Matthew’s alive and well, but figured he’d be trawling through unread e-mails all day, so you have to endure my own personal brand of humour and warped self importance for one more post. Sorry.

Tuesday 30th June 2009 – I Heart Hiroshima and the Pineapple Chunks at the Bowery

I Heart Hiroshima are a three-piece Indie pop act from Brisbane, Australia, known for their “bass-less” lineup, which tends to offer a distinct sound (thank you wikipedia). Pineapple Chunks is rhyming slang for spunk (thank you google). They’re also rather deranged gararge pop goodess.

Tuesday 30th June 2009 – Findo Gask and St Deluxe at Electric Circus

I’ve still yet to see Findo Gask live, but very much enjoy the recordings I’ve heard. Maybe a bit like the synth pop of FOUND, but with a heavier electronic influence. St. Deluxe I’ve heard good things about also. Bonus.
Findo Gask – Va Va Va

Thursday 2nd July 2009 – The Twilight Sad, the Foundling Wheel and Adam Stafford at the Bongo Club

The Twilight Sad have a new album soon. They play loud guitars and sing and that. They’re good. Also with the cathartic noise of the Foundling Wheel and maniacal rantings of Adam Stafford (of Y’all Is Fantasy Island, or ‘yifi’ as the kids call them. Not my kids, of course. The kids. I don’t have any kids. Don’t worry, Matthew will be back tomorrow), this should be a great show.

Friday 3rd July 2009 – The Wind Whistles, Tisso Lake and Jo Foster at the Bowery

The Wind Whistles and Jo Foster both make rather charming folk pop. Tisso Lake was absolutely stunning at the recent Viking Moses show, and his set for this outing has been described as ‘synth-heavy’. Make of that what you will. Everyone should come to this. EVERYONE.
The Wind Whistles – Spooks