Live in Edinburgh This Week – 29th November 2009

liver This is the beginning of what Milo has already pointed out is going to be a monumental period of carousing.  Last week was very, very quiet in terms of gigs, but if you paid any attention to that then the sense of security into which you might have been lulled would very much have been a false one.  Because it all kicks off in earnest this week, and if anything next could be even heavier.  Livers of Edinburgh beware!

From my own perspective I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, in the sense that the year’s tasks are approaching their completion.  This will be a monumental relief, and believe me, that last week before Christmas will be spent going to bed at about ten at night.  Until then though, no rest for the wicked.  Or the stupid.

Thursday 3rd December 2009: There Will Be Fireworks & St. Jude’s Infirmary, with solo acoustic sets from Meursault & Broken Records for the Avalanche Album Club party at the Caves.

There Will Be Fireworks’ album didn’t entirely capture my imagination, I have to confess, sounding a bit too much like an amalgalm of The Twilight Sad and Frightened Rabbit, but they have sold a hell of a lot of copies of it off their own backs after very few gigs and a lot of very good reviews, so they are definitely doing something right.  For me this implies that I should be paying a bit more attention to what they’re doing, and this is the first time in a while they’ve played Edinburgh.

Thursday 3rd December: The Pictish Trail, Rachel & Laura Lancaster & Tisso Lake play Leith Tape Club at the Isolounge.

The Leith Tape Club is one of the nicest nights in Edinburgh.  Rachel and Laura Lancaster more commonly go under the name of Chippewa Falls (when the drummer is present), and Ian from Tisso Lake has a gorgeous voice and a really engaging solo set.  And that Pictish Trail fellow isn’t bad either!

The Pictish Trail – You Covered the Earth With Your Thumb (Toad Session)

Friday 4th December 2009: Deer Tick at Sneaky Pete’s.

This is a low key gig, but I really would recommend it.  Deer Tick’s album War Elephant really is good, and apparently they’re excellent live.  There are elements of folk and indie rock in the album, although I suppose if you wanted a gigantic generalised banner to pop it under then I would probably use the term Americana.  Either way, highly recommended.

Deer Tick – Ashamed

Friday 4th December 2009: Fanattica & Blueflint at the Penicuik Arts Centre.

I know I generally don’t cover out of town gigs – it’s all I can do to stay even vaguely on top of local ones – but Penicuik almost counts, and this one intrigued me anyway.  I’ve never been to Penicuik Arts Centre, but the flyer for this promises candlelight and an open fire.  Buses run regularly to and from Penicuik all night apparently, so if you’re looking for a romantic evening this week, and I never ever thought I would hear myself say this, Penicuik might actually be the place to be.

Friday 4th December 2009: FOUND, Meursault & Panda Su play the Ten Tracks Christmas bash at the Roxy Art House.

I think this might be Meursault’s last gig of the year, for which I would imagine they will all be truly grateful.  Being a record label is fucking hard work, but when people put this much effort into their band then it never seems like a chore for a moment.  FOUND have been playing new album material recently, and I have yet to see any of it, so I am not going to miss this.

FOUND – Mullokian

Saturday 5th December 2009: Schwervon, Withered Hand, the Pineapple Chunks & Enfant Bastard at Henry’s Cellar Bar.

Our Christmas party (ie, our personal one, nothing to do with Toad) happens on this particular evening, and I am sizing up the likelihood of being able to sneak out to see such a cracking lineup without Mrs. Toad taking a big stick to my gentleman’s appendage.  Unlikely, I think, which is a shame because in terms of general wonkiness this bill includes three of Edinburgh’s best bands if you ask me.  And all different, too.  Shite.

The Pineapple Chunks – Art Storage

Saturday 5th October 2009: The Last Battle single launch at Carter’s Bar.

Another rather intriguing gig here.  Single release?  Already?  Wow!  The Last Battle haven’t been going that long, but have already snuck up on my blind side with a new single, which they’ll be launching at Carter’s Bar, just down the road from Henry’s, on Saturday night.