Live in Edinburgh This Week – 2nd February 2008


It’s quite a quiet week in Scotland’s capital, which isn’t a bad thing. I’ve been to a lot of live shows recently and a week of coming home, reading a book and going to bed at a reasonable hour having imbibed nothing more potent than a cup of tea will be good for my soul, my complexion and my liver. There are a couple of highlights though, so have a mind for these shows if you feel the itch:

Monday 4th February: Alex Cornish at ARK.
I really liked Alex’s debut album, almost despite myself actually, and he came across as a really nice bloke when I was reviewing his stuff. It’s melodic and winsome and popping up to ARK to see him live will only do you good.
Alex Cornish – Until the Traffic Stops

Thursday 7th February: The Steeples & We Were Promised Jetpacks at Henry’s Cellar Bar.
The Steeples are on one of these annoying labels that only allow brief snips of songs on their MySpace page, which irritates the shit out of me. The tunes aren’t bad though, so I think I’ll go along and give it a go. These two are both fairly well spoken of indie-pop acts of the NME-pleasing sort, so no idea if they’ll turn out to be any good or not, but it seems worth a go to me.
The Steeples – Loosey Lucy (Edit)
We Were Promised Jetpacks – Let’s Call This a Map

Thursday 7th February: Rob St.John & Dan Heywood at The Collective Gallery.
I don’t know if Rob would thank me for calling him the heir apparent to James Yorkston’s Hush Folk Throne, but that is very much how I would describe him. He’s bringing a full band to this set, saws and all.
Rob St.John – Wooden Rose

[Update – thanks Bart!]
Friday 8th February: Club Welto (HMS Ginafore, Wounded Knee and others)
at The Village in Leith.
HMS Ginafore is one of the founding Fencers, and I know very little about Wounded Knee beyond the fact that he ploughs that experimental folk furrow that seems to be so popular around these parts at the moment.  In any case, it looks like being an excellent night, and The Village has a really good habit of putting on excellent things.
Wounded Knee – Anthem