Live in Edinburgh This Week – 2nd May 2011

This week’s live events will all have to get along happily without the encouragement of my excellent self, as my only live music experiences this week will be taking place in Anstruther, Fife, at the Fence Collective’s fucking marvelous Homegame Festival.

It actually looks a bit thin in my absence, I have to confess, but there are a couple of early gigs next week worth bearing in mind, because I might not get the chance to write this post in anything like a timely fashion on Monday, depending on how we do getting back from Homegame.

Next Monday 9th May, Josh T. Pearson will be playing with Drive by Truckers at the Queen’s Hall.  I know nothing whatsoever about Drive by Truckers, but Josh T. Pearson is incredible, and absolutely mesmerising live, so if you can go to that, then go.  Then the following day, on the 10th May, Domino Records’ latest signings Francois and the Atlas Mountains, This is the Kit and Babe will be playing at the Bristo Hall, upstairs at the Forest Cafe, from about half seven onwards.  This will be a BYOB event in support of the Forest Cafe, with corkage charged on the door.

This week, however, we have the following happening:

Friday 6th May 2011: Woodenbox with a Fistful of Fivers, Matt Norris and the Moon & Trapped Mice at Cabaret Voltaire.

Woodenbox are an excellent live band, full of all sorts of stompy, raucous fun, a swinging brass section (‘swinging’, am I allowed to call it that without coming across as a bit of a dick) and a sense of enjoyment and energy matched by few bands on the Scottish scene at the moment.

Woodenbox with a Fistful of Fivers – Twisted Mile

Saturday 7th May 2011: The Wave Pictures and My Tiny Robots at Cabaret Voltaire.

The Wave Pictures are a cracking band, and brilliant live as well.  Their music is so bloody simple as well and the lyrics, great as they are, sound like they could be part of any normal conversation. Highly recommended.

The Wave Pictures – Leave the Scene Behind