Live in Edinburgh This Week – 30th August 2010

Christ, my liver is suffering quite badly from Festival Burn as it is, and I have barely attended this year’s festival at all.  I am hoping for a few nights spent drinking tea when we go to China, because God knows I can’t handle much more bloody drinking.  Still, this week looks like a relatively kindly one in terms of personal chemical punishment, so the people of Edinburgh have the best part of a week to prepare themselves for the fireworks which mark the end of the Festival.

Christ I need a glass of orange juice.

Monday 30th September 2010: The Low Anthem & Avi Buffalo at the Queen’s Hall.

This appears to be the last of the big shiny Edge Festival gigs for the year, and it’s a good one to go out on.  The Low Anthem, for those who are yet to hear them, can be rousing blues rock or delicate and beautiful alt-country, depending on which side of the bed they get out of that particular morning.

The Low Anthem – Charlie Darwin

Monday 30th September 2010: Burnt Island, Adrian Crowley, Ryan van Winkle at the Spiegeltent.

This event is actually part of the Edinburgh Book Festival, and explores the links between, in their words, “ideas written, spoken and sung out loud”. Even as an unapologetic philistine this sounds really very interesting indeed to me, and the bands booked to play are all very good indeed, so I would very much recommend popping along if you’re in town.

Burnt Island – Me and All of My Friends are Alright