Live in Edinburgh This Week – 30th July 2012

 So, erm… as the cultural black hole of the Edinburgh Festival lumbers towards us like a hungry giant, blithely trampling all before it as it stumbles clumsily towards the Magners tent to gorge itself on what can surely be chemically proven to be one of the world’s nastiest ciders, I find myself wondering what the fine people of Edinburgh can do in the face of such a knee-trembling onslaught of shock and awful.

Plenty, it turns out is the answer. So, after tearing my hair out waiting for the fucking Mixcloud uploader to start working again so I could publish my podcast, this is what I have managed to find for this week, the first week of the annual Edinburgh Festival, and one which I shall be entirely boycotting this year. Because fuck it, that’s why.

[Listings below the jump, because there’s shitloads of ’em and I don’t want loading all the Soundcloud players to slow the page down too much.]

As well as those listed below, Indie Funday Friday celebrates its first birthday with another charity benfit gig at Henry’s, with The Jacarandas, Little Love and The Friendly Vibes, Universal Thee and Hello Frisco.

And also, our pal Sarah Muirhead, who painted the extremely creepy painting which forms the backdrop to the Toad Sessions these days, is exhibiting at Urban Outfitters for the next wee while, with the opening being on Thursday 2nd between 6pm and 8pm.

Wednesday 1st Aug: Fresh Fringe Launch Party with Sebastian Dangerfield, The Bad Books, Kill the Waves & Sun Dogs at Henry’s Cellar Bar.

This night celebrates both the launch of Fresh Air Radio‘s Fringe programme (in which I host the Friday evening 6-8pm slot throughout August), as well as the release of Inside Track Vol.3, a download compilation in support of Waverley Care.

Thursday 2nd Aug: Armellodie Records Showcase with Super Adventure Club, The Douglas Firs & Trapped Mice at The Wee Red Bar.

For a label with an absentee landlord, Armellodie do seem to be awfully active these days.  Mind you, for a band whose last gig was about a year ago, Super Adventure Club are looking pretty sprightly as well.

Friday 3rd Aug: Gerry Loves the Festival, with Adam Stafford, Lady North & The Japanese War Effort at Sneaky Pete’s.

Scotland’s most incorrigible record label host something of a showcase night at Sneaky’s, and by combining the idiosyncratic, guitar-and-beat-boxing-looped pop (yes, that’s a genre, I looked it up) of Adam Stafford, the hypnotic thumpings of Lady North, and the buckfast-folk disco of the Japanese War Effort, they have earned their epithet.

Friday 3rd Aug: Lanterns on the Lake, with Scott and Arwen from The Last Battle at The Electric Circus.

A lush and lovely folk-inspired gig at the Electric Circus, with Bella Union’s geordies Lanterns on the Lake paired with the harmony section (and presumably also the acoustic guitar) of local lot The Last Battle.

Saturday 4th Aug: Independent Label Fair at Summerhall (12-4pm).

A carnival of independent excellence! All of Scotland’s finest labels (I think – have we left anyone out?) will be gathering in the Dissection Room at Summerhall to peddle their wares.  As someone whose long-term financial future depends on this sort of shit, I strongly recommend you come along and shower us with cash in exchange for pure joy in musical form.  As well as records (and beer) there will be intermittent live performances throughout the day as well.

Saturday 4th Aug: Withered Hand, Darren Hayman (Hefner), Josie Long & Gordon McIntyre (Ballboy) at the Queen’s Hall.

Local fella Withered Hand returns to the Queen’s Hall, which he filled with aplomb last year, and brings a host of accumulated musical pals, including the slightly less obviously musical Josie Long, whose musical credentials stem more from enjoying it a great deal and playing it on the radio, rather than directly making it herself.  However, given her show on 6Music last year and close relationship with the Fence Collective, she fits perfectly on a bill full of lyricists whose work would probably stand up perfectly well if it too were stripped of music and asked to stand on its own.

Sunday 5th Aug: CMU Making it in Music panel at Fringe Central (aka the Appleton Tower).

If you want the benefit of my very much finite expertise in the music industry and, even more dubiously, my thoughts on how to make a living out of this – a question I have yet to be able to answer for myself, never mind anyone else – then pop along.

Sunday 5th Aug: Born to Be Wide Edinburgh Night at the Electric Circus.

A night celebrating Edinburgh music, with tapas-sized performances from local bands and a coterie of DJs playing their favourite Edinburgh music.  Also beer.  Lots and lots of beer.