Live in Edinburgh This Week – 30th November 2008

Toad Christmas Party

Uncharacteristcally, given how hectic things were last week, there seems to be precious little happening in Edinburgh for the bext little while.  Frankly, this is a blessing, as this year has been exhausting and I have never felt more grateful for an approaching holiday.  However, there are a couple of genuinely important events (well, to me at least) to take care of before then, and a couple of them coincide this week: the Song, by Toad official Christmas party is taking place at the Bowery on Friday 5th December, and will basically twin as the official launch of Song, by Toad Records‘ debut release, Meursault’s Pissing on Bonfires/Kissing With Tongues.  We’ve spent all fucking weekend printing the sleeves and folding and all sort of other stuff, and we’re still not done.  The CDs themselves arrive tomorrow, and we still have five hundred packs to fold and fill. We’ll get there of course, but it’s yet another reason why things have been so exhausting of late.

Before the splendid Allo Darlin’ and a full-works set from Meursault, we’ll be having an hour or so of open mic as a warm up.  It won’t just be a rabble though – we’ve got a good few Edinburgh indie celebrities, if you can call them that, to play some bits and pieces so it should be really fun.  So swing by the Bowery on Roxburgh Place from about half seven for some fun and games.

Allo Darlin’ – Atlantic City

Other than that, there’s only one other show I can find this week and it is this:

Thursday 4th December 2008: Pumajaw, Eagleowl & Sparrow & the Workshop play Limbo at the Voodoo Rooms.
Given I’ve never seen Pumajaw and given I love the other two bands on the bill, I would say that there is almost zero chance of me skipping this gig.  Pumajaw’s music is defined by the band themselves as being genre-less, but it’s basically a variation of electro, folk and a little bit of fairytale wooziness.  I know basically nothing at all about them, so I’m rather looking forward to this one.
Pumajaw – The Bending Wood