Live in Edinburgh This Week: 4th January 2008


Greetings everyone – I trust we’ve all obediently clambered back onto the tediously repetetive hamster wheel we laughably call Proper Job. Here I sit at my desk, surrounded by people actually taking things seriously, vainly hoping that they can’t really tell that I really don’t give a shit and hoping they’ll kindly let me get on with my life as unencumbered by actual, meaningful tasks as possible.

There’s no need to recover from Christmas in our house. Mrs. Toad and I only really drank a lot about three or four times over the holidays, and even then we didn’t get all that juiced. Frankly I rather lost the taste for it for some reason – maybe sheer exhaustion. Still, I successfully managed about ten hours sleep a night, often more, for the entire two weeks, so I am back and feeling refreshed and ready to take on 2009 with renewed vigour.

Which is more than anyone can say for the Edinburgh gig scene, with the exception of the lovely Ruth and Jane at the Bowery. Apart from their sterling efforts no-one else seems to be up to much this week, but not to worry, for they have out-done themselves.

Thursday 8th January 2008: Laptop Lounge at the Voodoo Rooms.

I don’t know much about this, but the description seems kind of intriguing: a get-together for the city’s laptop artists. Could be awful, but I bet there are some absolute gems to be found in there.

Sunday 11th January 2008: Samamidon & The Go-Away Birds at the Bowery.

Sam was bloody amazing when he played the Bowery last November, with his occasionally bizarre on-stage antics and tortured violin-bothering proving a somewhat weird counterpoint to the reverential quiet with which he plucked his way through the beautiful folk music for which he is known. The Go-Away birds sound rather interesting too, from their MySpace page, so I think this promises to be a really good day all round.
The Go-Away Birds – Green Jackets

And, just because I might be late with next week’s post depending on how busy I am here at Proper Job, I just thought I’d mention this show, which is on next Monday:

Monday 12th January 2008: The World is Not Flat, The Occasional Flickers & Aurora Stands in Snow at the Bowery.

I don’t know much more about this than you can glean from the various MySpace pages, but it would appear that The Occasional Flickers’ winsome folk-pop will be bookended by two acts of twee, guitar-plucking loveliness. I’ve yet to see the Flickers, so it’s about time I put that right.
The World is Not Flat – Earl Grey Lavender