Live in Edinburgh This Week – 5th July 2009


Baaaaaaaaaaart HELP!  Are there really only two gigs worthy of a mention on in Edinburgh this week?  Surely not.  Where’s someone with some actual knowledge when you need them?

Mrs. Toad has left town this morning, heading for Australia.  She’ll be away for a fortnight this time, which is the longest we will have been apart since I moved up from London so you can expect me to become downright cranky by the end of next week.

In fact, if last week’s prolonged sulk is anything to go by, you can probably just expect me to be cranky in general, actually.  Nah, I’m over that though, I’ve pulled myself together now so there will be no more messing around, promise.

Tuesday 7th July 2009: Meursault at the Bowery. Gig Cancelled, Apparently.

Does it sound a bit stupid to say that I am friends with Ruth and Jane at the Bowery, and Song, by Toad Records is Meursault’s label and yet I know nothing about this whatsoever?  I suppose it does really.  While Meursault are sticking more closely to Pissing on Bonfires/Kissing With Tongues when they’re on the road, in Edinburgh they’ve started to introduce more and more songs into their set from their (apparently very loud) second album.  This record should be out early next year, and should contain songs like Crank Resolutions and Sleet, which anyone who’s been to a recent show should recognise.

Friday 10th July 2009: Sparrow & the Workshop & Randan Discotheque play This is Music at Sneaky Pete’s.

Unless Sneaky Pete’s get a lot of internal re-jigging done in a very short space of time, this is pretty likely to be an acoustic night.  This does not please the organisers, who will be rather taxed to put on a club night where the music is nice and quiet, but actually I would rather like to hear Sparrow & the Workshop play an acoustic set, so I’m rather looking forward to it.  Apparently, I will be doing some DJing, so you might want to take advantage of the gaps between bands to nip out for a cigarette or go to the toilet for ages or something like that.
Sparrow & the Workshop – My Crime (Toad Session)