Live in Edinburgh This Week – 5th March 2012

It may be getting dark now, but this morning was one of those days where I began to question my decision to put the office in a North-facing room.  Really, when it’s this sunny I just want to be able to enjoy the sunshine.  Mind you, I wouldn’t be able to read my computer screen, but that strikes me as a very small price to pay.

I am getting ready to go to Austin this week, leaving the house, the cats, the label and this weekend’s Ides of Toad gig in the hands of young Ian.  What, I hear you wondering, could possibly go wrong?

Actually, just getting ready to be out of the country for a couple of weeks is a major headache.  A lot of label and blog stuff can be done from foreign parts easily enough – they do have the internet in America after all – but there are a lot of practical things which I need to wrap up before I leave, so the next couple of days are going to be bloody mental, I fear.

And also, I miss all these fine gigs, which is annoying:

Thursday 8th March: Born to Be Wide Music Journalist Seminar at the Electric Circus.

If you’re in a band and you don’t want to know more about how music journalists think, what they like and don’t like, and stuff like that then frankly you’re an idiot.  At this month’s seminar will be: Claire Sawers (Music Editor, The List), Gary Flockhart (Evening News), David Pollock (Everyone) and Sue Wilson (Sunday Herald, Songlines, The Scotsman).

Friday 9th March: The Ides of Toad, with Adam Stafford, So Many Wizards & LeThug at Henry’s Cellar Bar.

I am really looking forward to this one.  Or at least, I would be if I weren’t going to be in Austin instead.  Instead, I leave this rather excellent lineup in the hands of Ian and yourselves, and I trust none of you will let me down.  So Many Wizards are touring from the States, Adam Stafford was one of my favourite performers I saw all of last year and LeThug are a highly, highly promising new droney, electronic pop band from Glasgow.

Lose Your Mind by so many wizards

Saturday 10th March: Loch Lomond & Frances McKee from The Vaselines at Sneaky Pete’s.

It’s highly frustrating that, given I was responsible for getting Loch Lomond over here in the first place, I have found it impossible to get to any of their gigs ever since they signed with Chemikal Underground.  After a stripped back tour earlier in the year, this is apparently a full band show, and their lush, orchestral pop is bloody gorgeous, so get down to it.

Loch Lomond – Wax & Wire

Sunday 11th March: Lach at the Third Door.

Lach is finally legal and can finally legally work in the UK, and to celebrate he has booked a UK tour for April, and to warm up his musical muscles after a couple of spoken word sets, he’ll be playing at the Third Door this weekend.

Lach – Blue Overcoat by Song, by Toad