Live in Edinburgh This Week – 7th March 2011

So, I spent the morning tidying up my desk and the office, and I now think I know why tidy people are tidy: it makes you feel enormously efficient, without ever actually having to accomplish anything!  Sly, skiving bastards!  It’s like people making a great outward show of their piety, whilst generally acting like judgmental, ungenerous bigots.  Never trust tidy people, they are just trying to mask their ineffectiveness – there’s a new axiom to live by!

Also, in today’s bone-headed news update of the week, apparently Edinburgh legend Withered Hand is being denied his visa to play SXSW due to US immigration deciding that he is not a musician of extraordinary ability.

I rather think people would be more inclined to take national border control more seriously if governments didn’t consistently assign their stupidest citizens to police them.  I will take this shit seriously when you demonstrate through your recruitment policies that you are also taking it seriously, you arse-clowns.  People are welcome to like and dislike whatever music they wish, but this seems to be seriously implying that those people who organise SXSW and those in Creative Scotland who sponsored Dan’s application are of lesser ability to judge the artistic merit of a band than some random, knuckle-dragging, frustrated karate kid yahoo in US immigration.  Are you fucking kidding me?

Come to think of it, maybe if we petition UK immigration we might be able to do something about that over-promoted pole-dancer Beyonce Knowles being invited to play Glastonbury.

Anyhow, for those who may need some good music to diffuse the simmering rage this nonsense has provoked, here is what is going on in Edinburgh this week:

Death Vessel & Rozi Plain tomorrow (Tuesday 8th) at the Electric Circus has been cancelled, sadly.

Wednesday 9th March 2011: Meursault, Washington Irving & Graeme Clark at The Caves.

Would it be fair to suggest that most of the people reading this have probably heard of Meursault?  I suppose it would, but with a new drummer, (kinda) new bass player, new violist and a departed electronics/guitars/pretty much anything else player then I reckon no-one (not even me) has actually seen all that much which might resemble the current band.  And yon Graeme Clark – surely not the former bass player from Wet Wet Wet? Surely!

Meursault – Sleet

Wednesday 9th March 2011: Napoleon III at the Electric Circus.

Signed to Brainlove, one of the UK’s best small independent labels, Napoleon III got all sorts of giddy reviews for their debut album Christiana at the tail end of last year, and I think this will be your first chance to see them up here.

Napoleon IIIrd – The Unknown Unknown

Friday 11th March 2011: Y’All is Fantasy Island‘s last ever show, with Loch Awe & Two Wings at Sneaky Pete’s.

No more YIFI.  These lads were one of the most prominent bands on the Edinburgh DIY scene when I first came here, so give them a last hurrah at Sneaky’s and then go out and get horrible pished afterwards.  And I know nothing at all about Two Wings, but there’s a track of theirs embedded below: really fucking weird, eh, but in a good way!

And for those who fancy a bit more of a racket, I don’t know enough about any of these bands to properly recommend the gigs in particular, but Plastic Animals are playing Cabaret Voltaire on Saturday 12th and Forkeye, Fatalists and Parallax Scrolls are at Henry’s the same night.  Both look worth investigating, but I have to admit general ignorance here, sorry.