Live in Edinburgh This Week – 7th May 2012

 I know it tends to happen a couple of times a year, when you suddenly stop and think ‘Christ, is it May already’ but umm… well, fuck, May?  Already?  How the hell did that happen?

It’s been an amazingly busy year so far, and recently I have had so much stuff going on even on the weekends – be it gigs, recording, trips to various events and so on, that even sticking to the podcast schedule has been an enormous challenge.

It’s odd to think that a lot of the things I am doing for the blog seem to get in the way of me actually writing it, but that is the case at the moment. Going down to The Great Escape this week, for example, is mostly blog-related in that I’m on a panel about new broadcasting models and podcasts, and another about running DIY record labels, but it is likely to play havoc with the posting on the site.

Also, blogging is itself changing as well.  A lot of the music chatter I find myself engaged in is finding an outlet on my Tumblr site and through Twitter as well, so suddenly my insistence that the entire internet agree with me about music is being spread across those two forms of social media, as well as Facebook, this site, the record label and the now-regular gigs we host.  And I don’t even make Spotify playlists yet, or use This is My Jam.  It means Song, by Toad is certainly changing, but I am buggered if I know what it is turning into.

I suppose it will always be little more than a slightly different incarnation of the same thing: me going on and on and on about music I like, so no real change, if you look at it sensibly.  But the new formats and new channels are kind of fascinating, in that very twenty-first century way: it’s obvious that things are changing, but not particularly obvious how.

The same bloggers who once had journalists cursing at the general public’s lack of appetite for thoughtful, intelligent writing, are now making the very same complaints themselves, as short-form, quickfire media like Tumblr and Twitter become more prominent.  I am not sure how much I agree with them, though. I mean, we all have our natural formats in which we are the most comfortable communicating, but a good writer should be a good writer, be it over ten paragraphs or 140 characters. I certainly find a lot of merit in all these new formats, but I am not always entirely certain what content I think belongs on the Tumblr site, say, instead of this one.

The reason I am going on about this at such length is partly because there is bugger all happening in Edinburgh this week, as far as I can see, in terms of live music, so I started a post and then found I had nothing to put in it.  And also, as I mentioned, I am about to start redesigning the site, to make sure the gigs are better represented, to make sure the label is more prominent, and to better integrate Twitter and Tumblr.

It’s a bit of a tricky task this time around.  The last time we redesigned the site was about three years ago or so, and back then it was simple: blog + label.  Now there is so much more going on, and frankly I am not sure where I should best be placing the emphasis.  It’s interesting though.  So yes, just warning you.  You might see some more changes around here soon.  I’ve absolutely no fucking idea what kind of changes, but definitely changes!