Live in Edinburgh This Week – 9th April 2012

It’s quite busy this week, although perhaps not in the way you’d thing.  Is today the day Jeebus was crucified, the day he was plonked in the cave, or the day he rather creepily rose from the dead?  One of those anyway, because it’s definitely Easter, although how rabbits and chocolate eggs relate to zombie hippies rising from the dead I have no idea.

I suppose that’s the best thing about your entire worldview being based on ‘making shit up’ – if you want chocolate eggs, then dammit you can have chocolate fucking eggs, balls to it if it doesn’t make sense.  A bit like the Mission Impossible films in that respect.

Wednesday 11th April: United Fruit, Shudder Pulps & Fat Bicth at Henry’s Cellar Bar.

This will be another guitary gig, from old school slacker indie to full-on mental racket.  Fat Bicth and Shudder Pulps were introduced to me by Dolfinz, and are touring together, with Glasgow’s United Fruit coming through to headline.

Wednesday 11th April: Simone Felice at the Electric Circus.

I loved the Felice Brothers, but since rather horrible personal circumstances prompted Simone to go it alone, his own material has been equally gorgeous.  He’s been quite heavily involved with the ever-growing Communion project too, which is an interesting one, although the music clearly fits so I suppose it makes good sense in that respect.

Wednesday 11th & Thursday 12th April: Wide Days Seminars at Teviot House on Bristo Square.

The full list of seminars can be found here, but Wide Days is always worth attending.  For anyone wanting to get involved in music professionally, whether it’s as a musician, manager or pretty much anything else, this kind of thing is really helpful, just to get a feeling for how things work.  Don’t go along pockets stuffed with demos or business cards which you thrust into the hands of everyone you can, though.

I’d personally recommend just soaking up the chat at the seminars, just to gain an understanding of the general landscape, and then make sure you have a demo or business card on you, because the best time to hand one over will be when you spend an hour chatting with someone over a beer and they ask you for one.  If they ask, they will remember. If you thrust it upon them, it will probably go in the bin.

Thursday 12th April: Wide Days Showcases at various venues.

In the evening of Thursday 12th a selection of bands will be playing at various venues across Edinburgh, from Sneaky Pete’s to The Third Door and on to the Electric Circus.  It’s sort of a musical pub-crawl, and a fine, boozy way to end two days of chatter and schmooze!

Last year was the first time I saw PAWS play, who we’ve ended up releasing in the form of our forthcoming split 12″, and bands this year include Homework and Honeyblood at Sneaky Pete’s, followed by Michael Cassidy and Quickbeam at The Third Door. Donna Maciocia, Lady North and Honningbarna will play at Electric Circus, which will also host the closing party. All gigs are free and fans can simply order tickets for the act they want to see. Details can be found at See you there.