Live in Edinburgh This Week – 9th August 2010

Well, apart from the usual gigs, we have a couple of ongoing Festival specials this week to add to the general level of giddy excitement.

Firstly, the Acoustic Cafe is running all week downstairs at the Roxy Art House featuring this week, amongst others, The Pictish Trail and Wounded Knee.

Secondly, Lach’s Antihoot is an ongoing, late night, at the Gilded Balloon, and is an open mic night in which Lach brings his legendary New York institution, and initial nurturing ground of so many artists we love, to Edinburgh for the duration of August.

And if that little lot isn’t enough to keep you busy, we have a wee list below.  And if you see a Home Counties ex-public schoolboy on a unicycle at any point (and face it, the odds are pretty good) feel free to poke a stick in his fucking spokes.  ‘Zany antics’ – the bane of the Edinburgh fucking Festival.

Wednesday 11th August 2010: Mitchell Museum & White Heath at Electric Circus.

The Electric Circus continues their hugely appreciated policy of giving as many opportunities to emerging Scottish bands during the Festival as possible.  Mitchell Museum’s new album, on lovely, heavy 12″ vinyl, will hopefully be available for purchase at the gig too.  I wish we could afford to release more stuff on vinyl, but it really is fucking expensive stuff, and a right nuisance to store as well.

Thursday 12th August 2010: The Oates Field, The Memory Band & The Pictish Trail play Leith Tape Club at the IsoLounge.

Festival schmestival, Leith Tape Club is one of the best alternative nights in Edinburgh, and Leith should be a nice place to get away from all the hurly-burly of Edinburgh in August.  There may not be tickets left for long though, so follow the link above sharpish if you want to attend.

The Pictish Trail – Winter Home Disco

Saturday 14th August 2010: Pantha du Prince & Brothers Grimm at Sneaky Pete’s.

Strictly speaking, Brothers Grimm are a graphic design and illustration team, so I can’t imagine how well those skills will translate to the realm of haircutty electro music.  Still, Chris is the Bleepmaster General in Meursault and his brother Michael is better know for his work in Dead Boy Robotics so despite the fact that I am probably not indie enough, well dressed enough or even slightly cool enough to attend their debut gig I shall style my hair as well as I can and hope for the best.

Pantha du Prince – Lichten