Live in Edinburgh This Week – 9th January 2012

 So, what’s happening with you lot this week?  I myself am getting ready to do a spot of recording with Waiters and Sex Hands, who are up from Manchester to put together a split 12″ which we’ll be releasing in, er… April, I think, assuming all goes well.

So, once more to offend the neighbours with the battering of drums and the sound of loud guitars.  The good news is that Mrs. Toad is off to the States on grown-up business this week, so that’s at least one less person to annoy with the racket and the mess.

Once again, there’s not all that much on this week, but what there is looks really interesting. Sneaky Pete’s website is down at this particular moment, so I can’t check what they have going on at the moment, but you can check yourself here when you get the chance, and hopefully it will be back up and running.

Thursday 12th Jan: FOUND launch Atmosphere|Memento at the InSpace Gallery.

I’ll be honest with you, I know next to nothing about this. FOUND are involved though, and pretty much everything they touch turns to genius, so I’d recommend it whatever it is.  According to the blurb on the site they are presenting two different chronologies of the same story to two different audiences, one being linear, and the other more fragmented, to represent the story of a man who can no longer form new memories.  Sounds a bit weird, but fascinating, but then that’s FOUND for you.

Saturday 14th Jan: My Tiny Robots single launch at The Third Door.

As well as being the launch night for My Tiny Robots’ new single will be the first night of a new concept at the Third Door called Video Loves the Radio Star, a collaboration between Ten Tracks, who book for the Third Door, and video LaB. My Tiny Robots will be looking to follow up a couple of excellent singles last year with Zut Alors (preview below), and I can only assume they are building towards a debut album – one I will be most interested to hear.