Live in Edinburgh This Week – 9th November 2008


Welcome to another week tending the fertile pastures of Edinburgh’s gig scene for shuffling indie kids. I’m working flat out to get the Sparrow session done for this week’s podcast so beyond tonight I will be hiding in the house for most of the week, I’m afraid, probably swearing at the computer and cursing analogue technology for being so fucking shit and chewing all my tape of the session. Frustrating. Really, very frustrating.

Still, I think we have time for one last session this year, but I will be renting a digital camera this time, instead of all this tape shit, so hopefully there won’t be any such problems in futre

Monday 10th November 2008: Samamidon & Meursault at the Bowery.
After the Bowery’s splendid opening party they keep the ball rolling this week with Samamidon supported by a largely solo set from Meursault’s Neil Pennycook. Samamidon’s All is Well is a gorgeously gentle acoustic album, so I’m really looking forward to this, as well as hearing what Neil sounds like with no accompaniment, except for a bit of banjo and backing vocals here and there.
Samamidon – Saro

Monday 10th November 2008: Rob St.John, Molly Wagger, Alison & the Mings & Simon Kempston at Henry’s Cellar Bar.
Rob is playing an electric guitar these days, and the hushed, breathy folk of recent years seems to be slowly yielding to a more confident, assertive attitude. His performance at the Bowery on Saturday was superb, and he has a new EP coming out shortly which is also sounding excellent, so I strongly recommend you catch him either this week or next, when he plays Cabaret Voltaire with Meursault and Sparrow & the Workshop.
Rob St. John – Wooden Rose
Alison & the Mings – Those Steep Slopes

Friday 14th November 2008: Rbrbr, Funkspiel & The Foundling Wheel at Henry’s Cellar Bar.
If you fancy something a little more experimental this weekend then Henry’s is the place to go, with some electronic pop stuff and then the thunderously deranged Foundling Wheel. Really, just go for the Foundling Wheel. I don’t know who stole Ted’s pills, but it seems to have had the desired effect.
The Foundling Wheel – Mixed Minds & Missteps

Friday 14th November 2008: Death Cab For Cutie at the Corn Exchange.
Given it’s nearly twenty quid for a band I actually have very little time for then it’s safe to say that I won’t be going. Still, a lot of people into the same sort of stuff as gets written about on this site like these chaps an awful lot, so I thought it worth mentioning. Their dreamy, hazy, downbeat, slightly electronic indie has never quite captured my imagination, despite being pretty much right up my street. Almost, just not quite.  Oh well, so it goes.
Death Cab For Cutie – The New Year