Live in Edinburgh This Week, Barely – 4th January 2011

 Holy fuck my brain is still resisting any and all attempts to get it working again.

I lived on a boat down in London, and I remember when I first bought the thing it was semi-submerged, and I had to pump out the engine compartment just to get the old Lister engine above water for the first time in about two years.  Even after two years under the fucking Thames, all I had to do was crank it manually a couple of times to flush the water out, replace the battery, press start and boom, the ancient bastard thundered into life immediately. How I envy such resilience!

The guy who told me how to get the thing going again said that apparently those old Lister engines are so good that they have almost no secondhand value, because pretty much every one ever made is still working, they’re that tough.

My brain, on the other hand…

Friday 6th Jan: The Occasional Flickers album launch, with the Second Hand Marching Band at The Third Door.

Gigs in January would seem to be a little foolhardy, but given how little is actually going on this week then I suspect the Occasional Flickers might actually have been a little canny in timing their album launch show as they have.  The record itself is not one I am hugely familiar with just yet, as I am still getting myself organised again after Christmas, but as you can tell from the Bandcamp embed below, it is a lovely sounding, whimsically flavoured pop album.  First gig of the year people, don’t miss it!