Liz Green & Rob St. John House Gig

House Gig RSJ-LG Digiflyer

Our first house gig in a while sees the awesome Liz Green joining pal Rob St. John in our living room. Rob you should all know quite enough about as it is, but Liz I haven’t seen before. ‘She’s brilliant, and a fantastic raconteur’ is the verdit from Mr. St. John however and Rob tends to be right about this kind of thing, so pick up your tickets from the Paypal link below, and we hope to see you in a couple of weeks.

Actually, what with Meursault practising there, as well as Rob’s own band, I think he’s spent more time in our living room than we have recently, so he should feel right at home. It’s going to be a bit like when the kids leave home for uni, I suppose. Mrs. Toad and I grouse about it all the time, but the house will feel strangely empty when we finally get all the bloody instruments out of here and return to something resembling a normal life.

Sold out now, sorry.

Tickets for the show will be a fiver, all of which will go directly to the bands, because we’re nice like that. And bring your own booze. We’ll be getting a keg ourselves, so you can chip in to the cost of that and drink our beer instead if you’d rather, or just bring your own stuff – whatever you prefer, really.