How sick are you of seeing that banner image by now?  It is time to make a new one do you think?

Yes indeed, after the awesome night we had with Onions and Birdhead the Bad Fun bandwagon keeps on rolling, and at the end of this month the second installment arrives. On Friday 26th October we have Woodpecker Wooliams, Viking Moses, and a mysterious Scottish hipster supergroup called the Ghost Wolf Crystal Toads. Because all hipster bands are called Ghost, Crystal or Wolf something, right?

In actual fact the band are a fairly informal joint project by members of Broken Records, James Yorkston & the Athletes, Sparrow & the Workshop, Rob St. John and Meursault.  We’ll be recording with them during the week and they’ll be playing some of the stuff at BAD FUN.

Also on the bill are Viking Moses, and Brendon’s relationship with the local music community makes him feel almost like a local – similar to Rob St. John and Woodpigeon I suppose. He played at Rob’s album launch last year actually, but that was a solo show, and now he’s back in the UK with a full band.

We’re also inviting Woodpecker Wooliams up to play as well. Gemma has recently released her latest album with our pals Robot Elephant Records, and it has received all sorts of plaudits – and justly so. It’ll be the first time I’ll be getting to see her play live and I am really looking forward to it.

As we have to hire in a PA for Henderson’s, we have to up the price a little to £7, but you can still get tickets for the usual £5 if you buy them in advance from here.