Music Hack Day Scotland

If you listened to the podcast Matthew and I recorded in Brighton at this year’s Great Escape Festival, you’ll remember I was blown away by Born Gold using kinetic movement software to create his music. I was so blown away because most of the music I listen to doesn’t really lend itself well to any sort of tech stuff. Well, at least I thought it didn’t.

I suppose the reason I’ve always been a bit weary of new music tech is that I’ve worried that it’s a wee bit gimmicky. I’ll have to put this one down to ignorance, as whenever I’ve been face-to-face with something innovative I’ve always been really impressed. I suppose the most well known folk in Scotland pushing these sort of boundaries are the FOUND lads. With their emotional instrument Cybraphon to their new installation #UNRAVEL, they’ve always made stuff that’s made Scotland sit up and go ‘that’s really fucking cool’. Jonnie Common is another clever fucker who always seems to be dabbling in the world of music tech

So why am I blabbing on about music tech? Well, for the past few months I’ve been working at The Leith Agency and their digital planner and music-man Jim ‘The Wolfman’ Wolff has taken me under his techy wing to show me all sorts of new and cool music tech. This lead to me to being involved in the branding of Music Hack Day Scotland. My interest was piqued, and I started to get really interested in music tech. Basically it’s a free event that helps to showcase the best music tech pioneers in Scotland. So, if you’re kind of ignorant of music tech, or just simply unaware of it, it seems a good place to start.

The event starts off with a launch party with FOUND, Spotify, New Radiophonic Workshop’s Matthew Herbert, and local musicians Marco Donnarumma and Yann Seznec presenting some of their latest projects at Fringe venue Summerhall. Which is one of the best new venues in Edinburgh. This then leads on to a 24-hour ‘hack’ at the new start-up ‘tech incubation’ venue Techcube (which is attached to Summerhall, I believe) where all the groups of music nerds (I mean…developers, designers, musicians and experimental tinkerers…) work all day to create something really cool for the world of music. This could be an app, an instrument, web services, hardware, art or just plain music. Either way, I think this all sounds pretty interesting. It all takes place during the Festival, 24th-25th of August.

Nothing like this has really happened in Scotland before and I’m dead interested to learn more and more about music technology as surely it’ll become more and more relevant and prevalent in the future.Who knows some of this stuff could be what buys Matthew and I yachts in the Bahamas…

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