Next BAD FUN: Jonnie Common, River of Slime & Shift-Static

ToadGig2013 3 Digiflyer

Our next BAD FUN takes place on Friday 8th March at Henry’s Cellar Bar and features well-established Toad favourite Jonnie Common, with support from FOUND’s beep-master general River of Slime and BAD FUN debutants, the Newcastle (somewhat tangentially) by way of Edinburgh Shift-Static.  Tickets can be found here, and of course it would be splendid to see you there, should you be so inclined.

Last Saturday’s gig was amazing fun, although The Black Tambourines managed not to smash the place to pieces this time, so I suppose it was relatively subdued by their standards.

Despite Jonnie’s recent exile in the very far North of the country, he has actually been surprisingly productive over the last few months.  The video above showcases both one of the songs from and also the making of JWC008, an EP which can only be purchased in badge form here, and he’s also just released a new single called Figurehead on the brilliant Red Deer Club Records.

Both bits of work are typical of Jonnie, as wistful as they are playful, as well as being eminently hummable. Between this, the infectious energy of River of Slime, and the intrigue of seeing a relative newcomer for the first time I think we have a fine night planned here, so hopefully I’ll see you there.