Song, by Toad at the Pleasance Sessions This Week

Pleasance Sessions Digiflyer

Hello, and welcome back to another in a long series of posts in which I relentlessly plug the gigs I am involved with. I started out feeling shy about this, but now I think gigs are just a live extension of the blog, really. It’s still just me vainly trying to insist that the world finally agree with me about what the best music is, except in this case it takes place in a room not on the blasted, barren wastelands of the internet.

And what a room, in this case. On Saturday the first Song, by Toad Records showcase at the Pleasance Sessions will take place, with Ian Humberstone, Adam Stafford and Rob St. John on the bill. The gig itself will be upstairs in the Pleasance Theatre which is an absolutely gorgeous space, and it’s great to see it being used more often for gigs because Edinburgh needs places like this to be available.

For those of you with more free time on your hands there’s also the Lost Map (or the new home of the acts on Fence Records – nu-Fence as I will call them, until Johnny slaps me in the face for doing so) showcase on Thursday which will be excellent. Their first release will be the new Monoganon album which I can tell you is really rather splendid.

All tickets for Pleasance Session shows can be found here, and I strongly recommend you get them in advance. Mostly just to calm my nerves, really, but still, you should definitely do it.  In the meantime, see you all tonight at the Voodoo Rooms for Eef Barzelay.