Song, by Toad New Year’s House Gig


If scenes like the one above fill you with a special kind of horror, then you may wish to join Mrs. Toad and I in Leith for another wonderfully special Song, by Toad New Year’s House Gig.

Started by Jon Rooney from the fabulous Virgin of the Birds, who once rather optimistically asked if I could get him a gig in Edinburgh on one of the craziest nights of the year, we’ve been doing these every New Year’s Eve since 2009, and this year we will be joined by the fantastic Tissø Lake and Aberdeen legend the Kitchen Cynics.

Alan from the Kitchen Cynics is one of the most prolific and interesting musicians in Scotland. He’s a legend if you ever head up North, but if you can’t be arsed going as far as Aberdeen, maybe a couple of miles to Leith will show you why.

Tissø Lake is the work of Ian Humberstone, someone who you hopefully remember from his Split 7″ with Rob St. John back in 2011, but if not should surely remember all the phenomenal Folklore Tapes stuff he has both released for himself and been involved in releasing for others.

So basically, you can head up into the puke and broken glass of town and have what I personally consider to be a pretty shit evening. Or for a fiver and BYOB you can come down to Leith and have a pleasant, sociable and utterly inebriated evening in the company of myself, Mrs. Toad and two of the finest underground students of local folklore Scotland has to offer.

Tickets here: