Song, by Toad New Year’s House Gig

Aaaaaaand another year rolls around, and we find ourselves once again at New Year’s Eve.¬† Or approaching it anyway.

And this time we have something a little different for you, an idea which was suggested to me the day that Kev from River of Slime (and FOUND) played a set in our front room which we streamed for Social Media Week.  There were three or four of us watching that evening, but it was pretty obvious there should have been more, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to put that right.

Kev will play a short set early in the night, then Neil from Meursault will play some songs just before the bells, we’ll all walk out into Inverleith Park* where you get a pretty good view of the fireworks, and then we’ll come back for some more River of Slime and then, er… well, fuck knows, frankly.¬† Tickets are only a fiver and very, very limited in number inevitably, so pick ’em up quick.

All the money goes straight to the bands so there are no guesties, although Kev and Neil are welcome to fund your ticket out of their cut if you can persuade them to do so.

Sold out now, sorry.

*This is not obligatory of course, particularly if the weather is pish.