Song, by Toad Piss Up – The Bowery, 7th May 2009

Toad Night

We’ve not had a bloody good Toad Night for a while, so it really is about time one was on the immediate horizon.  And it is!  Next Thursday – a week tomorrow at time of writing – I have put together a lineup for Tigerfest which is sort of not really a Song, by Toad Records showcase.

Meursault, obviously, aren’t bad at all, but you know them already.  They have a new EP out, did you know that?  Available only from Avalanche Records, live shows and from the Song, by Toad Records site.

Meursault – Nothing Broke

Inspector Tapehead are a band I rate very highly, and we are talking to them about releasing their album later this year, once they get it finished.  This isn’t definite yet, but I am very much up for it so fingers crossed and all that.

Inspector Tapehead – Listen With Your Ears, but Look Through a Telescope

The Japanese War Effort are currently working with Fabrikant and have a new EP out called King of Poland but, erm, well I really like what they (he, really: Jamie Scott) are doing so bugger it.

Japanese War Effort – Winning Eleven

The whole business is going to cost you a fiver, which is a fucking bargain, frankly, and will be happening at the Toad’s venue of choice: The Bowery on Roxburgh Place.  Doors are at about half seven, and the bar closes at eleven, so don’t be too tardy.  Hope to see you there.