Song, by Toad Records Christmas Party


Just a quick reminder about tomorrow’s festivities, as well as some practical details.

Firstly, I never got my shit together to get tickets to Avalanche, for which I apologise, but it’s a really big venue, so you shouldn’t have any problems getting in, assuming you turn up relatively early (i.e. not 9pm).

Secondly, it is both child-friendly and BYOB.

Thirdly, bands will play roughly from doors at 2pm to 6pm, when there will be a break for some scran and a stretching of legs, and then more music from 7pm until we have to bugger off at eleven.  No hints as to who and when though, sorry.

The venue is here.  And the event is in the community hall downstairs, which is to be found through the door shown in Streetview below.

Umm… that’s about it.  Hope to see you there.  Happy Christmas!


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